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Home > Vegetarian Era > Delicacies > Veggie Burger Patty
Provided by Formosa Hsin Chu Center

300g uncooked French fry-cut potatoes, diced into 0.5cm cubes (Pic1)
390g textured soybean paste (Pic2)
600g vegetarian mutton* (Pic3)
600g onions, diced
130g carrots, thinly shredded
350g black pepper paste*
100g cake flour
100g breadcrumbs
(see Pic4 for the above 8 ingredients)
100g frying powder
4 pieces vegetarian ham, thinly sliced
1 bowl of boiled water


1 tsp salt
2 tsp sugar
½ tsp five spices powder
½ tsp cinnamon powder
1 Tbsp vegetarian oyster sauce (or soy sauce)


(1) Mix cake flower, frying powder and water. Stir well. Add 2 Tbsp hot oil and mix thoroughly.

(2) Pound crushed veggie mutton (Pic 5). Mix diced French fry-cut potatoes, textured soybean paste, crushed veggie mutton, onions, carrots, black pepper paste, veggie ham and all the seasoning. (Pic 6)

(Pic 5)
(Pic 6)

(3) Divide (2) into small portions, 80g of each. Roll each portion into a ball, and then press down to make a patty (Pic7).

(4) Dip the patty into flour mixture (1) and breadcrumbs (Pic 8). It is recommended to store the patty in the fridge to harden it before dipping into the flours.

(5) Heat oil in a pan and deep-fry burger patty at high heat (about 140°C/285°F). Turn to lower heat (120°C/250°F) and continue to fry until both sides are golden brown. Before removing from oil, turn the heat to high again to drain off excess oil in the patty (Pic 9).

(6) Within hamburger buns, add veggie burger patty, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, egg free mayonnaise and a fried veggie egg to make a delicious veggie burger (Pic 10).


* vegetarian mutton is made from dried mushroom stalks.

To make: Soak 190g ( 6 oz ) of dried mushroom stalks in water until soft, pound flat and tear into thin strips. Mix 40g ( 1.5 oz ) bread flour, ½ Tbsp salt and 1 Tbsp vegetarian seasoning together. Add to vegetarian mutton, mix well and deep-fry.

*Black pepper paste is made as follows:

a). Blend one onion, 300g textured soybean paste and 150g mushroom individually with some water in a blender.

b). In a pan, heat 3 Tbsp black pepper, 5 pieces cinnamon bark, 2 Tbsp soy sauce and 2 Tbsp vegetarian oyster sauce. Add a) and continue to cook. When the mixture starts boiling, turn to low heat and simmer for two hours. Stir constantly while cooking to avoid burning.

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