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Provided by Oregon Center, USA
 Ingredients (Pic 1)

8 rice paper wrappers (available at most Asian food markets)
1 Cup cooked rice noodles
4 frozen vegetarian chicken patties (available at health food stores), thawed, each sliced into 7 small pieces (28 total)
4 pieces Romaine lettuce, washed, patted dry, then cut in half along the stem (8 half pieces total)
Several mint leaves
Peanut sauce - Mix the following ingredients well in a blender: 1 Cup hot water, 4 Tbsp peanut butter, 4 tsp Hoisin sauce (available at some grocery stores and all Asian food markets)

Pic 1

*Step 1:
Prepare a big bowl of warm water to wet the rice paper wrappers. Put 2 rice paper wrappers in the bowl (one by one); then remove from the water immediately. Place one on the top of the other on a cutting board.

*Step 2:
Put 7 small pieces of vegetarian chicken patties on 1/3 of the rice paper wrapper; then place 1 half-piece Romaine lettuce, 4 pieces of mint leaves, and about Cup cooled rice noodles over the top of the patty pieces. Finish by placing 1 more half-piece of Romaine lettuce on top to separate the other ingredients from the rice paper.

*Step 3:
Starting with the edge where the stacked ingredients are placed, roll the rice paper wrapper gently to avoid breaking. Trim the two ends so the wrap looks even; then cut in half.

*Step 4:
Repeat Steps 1 to 3 to make three more salad wraps.

*Step 5:
The final touch is to place the salad wraps in bento trays or on plates for serving. Place a cup containing the Peanut Sauce, and then place a piece of sweet orange or crispy grapes for garnish.


A cool, fresh and healthy lunch is ready for you to enjoy!

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