A Noble Way of Living

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Lasting Benefits for People and the Planet

To better inform all the world leaders and government bodies about the urgent status of climate change...

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Changing to a Vegan Lifestyle to Save the World

Out of Her deep concern for the fate of humanity, Supreme Master Ching Hai sent personal letters to world political leaders...

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Policies for a Peaceful and Sustainable World

To create a common vision of an organic vegan world and provide practical steps on how to realize such a vision, Supreme Master Ching Hai recently sent another letter...

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Every Peaceful Plan Will Be Done

In light of urgent world events, Supreme Master Ching Hai offered insightful messages...

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Peace and Loving Food List (incomplete)

During Her intensive meditation retreat for the survival of the planet and the redemption of humans and animals, Supreme Master Ching Hai naturally discovered certain foods that can be consumed by humans, while causing least harm to the plants.

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“Meat the Truth” shows clearly that livestock farming for meat and dairy production is a bigger cause of global warming than emissions from all the world’s vehicles combined.