Wonder Remedy for Pain

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, International 4-day Retreat, Washington D.C. U.S.A. December 25, 1997 (Originally in English)

Q: Dear Master, I was wondering. Is it possible to pick up the karma from others, and feel it as physical pain?

M: It's possible, yes.

Q: And the solution?

At that time, you should recite the Five Holy Names, pray to the inner Master to protect you, to help you, and do more meditation as soon as you can. If the pain persists, maybe you can go to see a doctor, or rub some sesame oil on it. Eat a little bit more calcium-rich, vitamin-rich food, or take a supplement of vitamins or calcium. Maybe it is a physical problem, too.


Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai Youngdong Center, Korea May 6-10, 1998 (Originally in English)

I wanted to tell you that for people who have pain in any part of the body, please don't ever wash with cold water, not even for one second. Even if you wash your hands or face, the cold water still remains somewhat in your skin. Then it sinks inside the bones and it makes the pain terribly worse, unbearable. When washing your hands, please try to use warm water. Even those who don't have pain in their joints or muscles yet, try not to use cold water, just wash with warm water all the time. For those who have pain, even in warm climates, try to wash with warm or lukewarm water, not cold, and never ice-cold water. Like this, you aggravate your painful condition. If you have pain, and you don't have any hot massage oil in your house, you can use sesame oil. The sesame oil that's used for cooking in the kitchen is a very good remedy for you.