The Quan Yin Method Transcends Time and Space

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Hsihu, Formosa, August 11, 1991
(originally in Chinese) Videotape No. 187b

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Spiritual Practice Repairs the Mind

Although after initiation you're liberated from birth and death, you still have to practice spiritually. Because if your mind doesn't allow you to become an enlightened saint, it will be difficult for you. Your mind will tell you, "You, a saint? Don't be ridiculous!" Or others might also say the same thing. Without self-confidence, it will be useless being a saint of any kind. Even if you've become a saint, what purpose could it serve? We still need to have a deportment that befits the superior realms. Before we've become well-trained or practiced diligently, our mind won't be convinced. It will assume that we're cheating, and refuse to let us ascend. It's we who obstruct ourselves. So, we still have to diligently practice spirituality to thoroughly convince our mind and allow it to realize that we're now different, that we really befit the status of an enlightened saint. Only then will it totally accept this status, and we'll have no more problems.

Spiritual cultivation is thus a process of repairing the mind. Life after life, the mind records too many undesirable things and ensnares us with a guilty conscience. That's why we have to train and rectify it, illuminate it with Light every day, educate it and also brighten all our bodily cells. Every single bodily cell is imprinted with all the good and bad impressions, or karma, from many lifetimes. That's why sometimes people only need to take a look at you or your body to be able to tell what you did in previous lives or what you've done in this lifetime. It's because each of our cells, each vibration of our bodies, distinctively records all our actions, behaviors, thoughts and desires. We can't cheat anyone.

We've heard that after we die, when we go to see the Yama King (the King of Hell), we'll see a mirror that shows the details of our entire life as clearly as we watch television, except that it runs very quickly and in a relaxed way. This is absolutely true. This is our personal "video recording" function. Therefore, spiritual practitioners can perceive and identify who is who, what they've done in previous lives, what they're doing now, and what they'll do in the future. Our personal record is encrypted in our bodies and in our mind, or in the atmosphere around us. Each of us - whether we practice spiritually or not - has such an aura. But the more we practice spiritually, the lesser this aura will be.

Developing Protective Power by Continually Remembering Master

Now when we mingle with people in society, we definitely run into such an atmosphere. The more we practice spiritually, the more sensitive we become. Don't ever think that longer practice will strengthen your protective power. It will, but your sensitivity will also increase many hundreds and thousands of times. Do you think that Jesus Christ didn't suffer when He was nailed to the Cross? He was in extreme agony! He felt greater pain than others because His body was different than those of ordinary people. He was highly sensitive, as all His bodily cells had changed completely. In this world, such individuals are in great danger, are very pitiful, very miserable and very helpless.

Whatever we do - good, bad, evil or charitable - will become attached to our bodies and be distinctly recorded. Whether we're spiritual practitioners or not, we can detect this if we know the secret method. So if we mingle with people in society, inevitably we're sometimes contaminated by their auras. Our blessed rewards fly onto their bodies, even if they don't want them. When you have two pipes or barrels full of water, one at a higher level than the other, the water will definitely flow from the higher to the lower one. So if you want to protect yourselves, to close off the water pipe, you should constantly recite the Holy Names. This is the only way.

Sometimes there's still some leakage because you forget that the Master is always by your side. However, as soon as you seek help, you'll receive an immediate response. If it's a matter of carelessness on your part, of course Master's power will rescue you. But if you willingly do something bad, you do it despite knowing that it's wrong, and you refuse to let me intervene, then of course I can't help you! Don't blame me then. You'll continue to sink lower. It doesn't matter if you forget about me, but don't refuse me. Don't think that you're great and can solve all your problems by yourself. No! No! No! This world isn't a place for fun. The positive and negative forces are almost equally powerful. They're both aspects of the power of the Universe, which anyone can use. It only depends on where it's being applied. The negative force is also very powerful. It's not something that we can play or have fun with. This is one aspect of nature with which we should not casually meddle.