Try Drinking a Glass of Cold Water Before You Flare Up

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Florida, USA, February 14, 1999 (Originally in English) Videotape #633

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Take care of yourself, all right? For example, if you think you have a big temper, try a glass of cold water before you flare up. Each time you want to get mad and think there's no reason to, drink a glass of cold water straight down and "on the rocks." That will give you time to think about whether you should spend your energy screaming or talking. Sometimes we can learn to do things in a different way. For instance, we might discover that it's better to reason with others than to scream. Because sometimes when you scream very loud and fast, people don't even understand what you're talking about. And it's a waste of time. You may have a lot to tell them, but if you talk in a loud voice like that they won't even understand, which is frustrating.