Vienna, Austria

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In Vienna, Master presented Her discourses in German. This was the first time Master had lectured in German, and it pleased the German-speaking people very much. During the question and answer segment of the lecture, earnest questions were raised and Master eloquently explained away all doubts and confusions. An Austrian told about witnessing the indescribable Light of God during the lecture. After the initiation, Master joined us in a group meditation. New fellow initiates availed themselves of this opportunity to ask questions, and Master answered from Her reservoir of love that is always directed to the best interests of the questioner.

Reminiscing this period, many grateful recollections were brought to the mind of brother Lu Shih-Tsung, the contact person of the Vienna Center. "Seeing the progress of fellow initiates and the course they took in their spiritual path, I recognize the bare truth in Master's seemingly casual answers. Should the questioners listen to Her advice without bias and take it to heart, they could save themselves a lot of trouble in taking a roundabout course. The questions and answers between Master and fellow initiates were simply perfect and perfectly simple. I am so grateful and fortunate that I could work together with my fellow initiates during this world tour and thereby gain the opportunity to witness Master's impartial and unconditional love and Her supreme wisdom."