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Little Dog Saves Caretaker from Electric Shock

By a fellow initiate in China (Originally in Chinese)

Mr. Zhang was repairing an electric appliance at his home in Dalien when he received an electric shock. His life was saved by his beloved dog Xiongxiong, who is less than a foot tall and weighs just 10 kilograms.

Mr. Zhang had this story to share with reporters. “There was some problem with my refrigerator. That morning, I decided to repair it. My wife had gone out on an errand and I was alone at home when the accident happened.” During the repair work, he accidentally touched the power outlet with his right hand. Immediately his right thumb and index finger started cramping and were stuck to the power source. “I felt a tingling sensation all over my body and there was a sharp pain in my arm. My mind went blank and instinctively I began screaming.” Xiongxiong, who was playing in the bedroom, heard Mr. Zhang’s terrifying screams and ran to see what had happened. He saw Mr. Zhang shaking spasmodically and knew he was in grave trouble. He jumped onto the nearby bed, got into the most suitable position, and leapt with all his might towards his caretaker’s right hand, pushing it away from the power outlet and saving his life.

“After my hand was pulled away from the power outlet, it took me more than ten minutes to recover and regain composure. Then I saw Xiongxiong looking at me anxiously.” So grateful and on the verge of tears, he hugged Xiongxiong tightly in his arms. At the most critical moment, Xiongxiong showed his intelligence in order to save the life of his human companion, and thus also creating another great story of heroic animals saving human lives.