Our Wondrous Animal Companions

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Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Live Videoconference, Supreme Master TV,
 Los Angeles, California USA, November 16, 2007 (Originally in English)

On November 16, Golden Year 4 (2007), Supreme Master Television was launched as a global satellite channel. On that same day, the Los Angeles studio was graced with a live videoconference interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai. During the interview, Master kindly permitted audience members to ask questions about Her two recently released books, The Birds in My Life and The Dogs in My Life. With the popularity of these books reaching #1 bestseller rank in venues around the world, this interview was a unique opportunity to receive further insights from the Author about God's precious animal creations.  
Animals Also Benefit from Love

Q:Dear Master: Since Your birds are essentially rescue birds, what changes have occurred in their behavior since they’ve been given a new life?

MOf course they become happier, content and grateful to God. And one more thing, they become more human or more like human.

The Gift from Animals to Humanity

Q:I’m really excited that these books have become best sellers. It's absolutely wonderful because it's sharing the consciousness that we’re one with all of creation. What inspired You to do this?

MIt's my wonderful birds themselves. I did ask their permission and I got it. They’re so happy that they can contribute some joy to human life and to shine some knowledge about birds and animals to all readers. Every time we look up into the sky to watch a bird flying, they want us to remember Heaven.

Image IntroTuning-in to Animals’ Communication

Q:I was hoping that You could talk a little bit about the process that You use to communicate with the animals. Is there something we can do to better communicate with our own pets and animals around us? Thank You.

MThe number one secret is love, love and love. If we have love for the animals, they will respond. Slowly, if you continue in this fashion, you will have the intuitive sense and the feeling or the quiet voice will be transmitted to you, and then you will become like one with the animal and what they feel, or what you feel they will feel. Or, you can ask them to help you. In the beginning, you can sit quietly with them in the night, or start stroking them or petting them, and talk to them inside. Then, start quietly; try to listen and pick up the intuitive answer to your question. Ask them some simple questions; see if they answer and see if their answer is clear. Otherwise, an animal communicator can help you.

Mostly we have no need to talk. Even inside, there's no need for too much talking. The inner world is the world of beauty and of silent understanding. There's not much talking like the way we do here, so just treat the animals generally as a best friend and enjoy their presence. You will feel a rapport if even it's not quite a conversation. Of course we must be patient, have a quiet mind, have lots of time and practice and above all – lots, lots and lots of love. Good luck.

The Giving Nature of Companion Animals

Q:Master, would You please tell us more about the purpose of the animal co-inhabitants of our planet?

Image IntroM:As you can well see, some of them are there to help people with their physical needs in areas where good strength is required. Some are also there not just for physical help but to ward off bad influences in general, to protect their human companion or their caretaker or their other animal companions through their presence alone. This is because they do have Divine invisible power and because they are connected with the Divine. Some of the animals are there to convey messages of good news that will be coming to you, or warning you of misfortunes ahead; that is, if we can listen. Many people are too busy to hear what their animal friends are telling them.

Otherwise, some animals just quietly bless their caretakers with good luck, good health, good fortune, happiness and even spiritual upliftment. There's no end to what an animal can and will do for the near and loved humans or their companions.

Animals Bring Many Invisible Blessings

Q:I’d like to respectfully ask Supreme Master Ching Hai if You could share with us some information about animals’ qualities and abilities, especially some of their abilities that we don’t know much about yet. Thank You.

M:As we have mentioned, they have blessing power; they have protective power and they have telepathy, which most humans do not possess. Most of them are in touch with the Divine grace and are just happy and forgiving. Their love is pure and absolutely unconditional. They know their past and your past lives; they know the present life, and they know the future life and the future that lies ahead for you, which many humans do not have the ability to know. Some of them can see past lives over a ten- or twenty-thousand -year span. Some are from very high levels of consciousness and come down in the animal form to help humankind and other beings. So they are not as they appear, not always. Good question.

Image IntroHow Humans Can Help Animals

Q:“Shalom,” Supreme Master Ching Hai. I am from Israel. I would like to ask You how animals perceive their world differently than we do. Since You communicate with them, I’d like You to tell me how they feel and what they think. Thank You.

M:Shalom! That's a good question. Although they look different than us, they have a similar outlook as we do. They want love and they want happiness, just like we do. But their world is simple as you can observe; their needs are few. They depend absolutely on Divine grace, and they thrive on love. Love, to them, is the most and the only important thing: love from God, love from human companions and love from each other.

That's why you can see in the dogs, for example, that no matter what you feed them or how much you feed them, they love you like no other. No matter how you treat them before, they worship you like a king just a few seconds later if you call them, and no matter how long you have been gone, they never forget your face. They never forget you and they show their happiness beyond words whenever they see you again, at any time, even if it's just a few minutes that you are apart.

However, in a way, animals think that we live in a disorderly fashion, as we are so disconnected from the source of our strength and intelligence. They see that we pay attention to the less important aspects of life. They feel that we need more help in this, to awaken from our sleep and to recognize our Divine Self, because that's the most essential purpose in life if we want to live even a human life of real fulfillment and happiness and, in turn, bring joy to all around. That's what the animals see and think about us and about the world surrounding us.

Some Animals Are Heavenly Reminders

Q:In relation to human beings, what is the mission that the birds have? What are they meant to show us and tell us?

M:The purpose of birds concerning humans is that they want to remind us to aim high, as high as Heaven; also, to remember Heaven as home and to trust completely in God, just like they do, and that Heaven is the only true freedom.

The Importance of the Animal-Human Friendship

Q:Master, would You kindly explain as to how a loving relationship between humans and animals would affect our planet?

MThat would be a big peace on earth: capital P-E-A-C-E. And Heaven will bless humans beyond measure. I hope we will live to see that day.

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