Buffalo Risks Its Own Life to Save Its Caretaker

A fellow initiate from China (Originally in Chinese)

A recent touching story has come from China's Sichuan Province, of a water buffalo blocking the opening of a well to save its caretaker's daughter. This story has quickly spread throughout the region.

On the morning of June 25, Golden Year 4 (2007), three members of the Huang family and their ten-year-old water buffalo went to Pine Hill by the Fresh Taro Village to work in the fields. The daughter, Xiaofang, loved the water buffalo, often cutting green grass to feed the animal and leading it to water when the weather was hot. The two shared a very close bond.

While her parents were working hard in the fields, Xiaofang found that the grass around a water well was green and tender so decided to lead the water buffalo to the well. She missed her footing and rolled toward its opening. The water buffalo slid close behind, being tied to a rope tightly held in the little girl's hand. At the crucial moment, it pushed its body toward the opening of the well, its soft belly squashing Xiaofang against the rim and blocking her fall into the well.

Villagers working nearby heard Xiaofang's cries and the water buffalo's moos, and rushed to rescue them. Fortunately, both Xiaofang and the water buffalo suffered only minor scratches. Xiaofang's grateful mother sobbed as she hugged the water buffalo that saved her daughter.


Villagers work to pull
the water buffalo from the well.

The water buffalo is rescued from the well.


Xiaofang's mother cries as she gratefully hugs the water buffalo.