Out of South Africa, with Love

Out of South Africa, with Love

Durban, South Africa, November 26, 1999

Master appeared at the Durban lecture dressed as an African princess, and was more radiant than the African sun. She was welcomed by an African dance group that performed an exciting dance called "African Dream," about someone lost in the confusion of this world until she finds spiritual understanding. The dancing was so good that the whole audience burst into applause. The leader of the dance group respected Master very much and expressed her wish to dance anywhere for Master. Usually, this leader only supervises the other dancers, but for Master's lecture, she wanted to dance for Her.

Thousands of people in Durban attended the lecture. The main lecture hall and two additional halls were filled to capacity and the working team had to arrange three video projectors for the audience members who could not fit into the main lecture hall! At the lecture, numerous gurus, swamis, and other Indian spiritual leaders as well as African healers and spiritual teachers attended. After Master spoke, a great number of audience members received initiation or learned the Convenient Method.

Many people in Durban were very happy to help in the preparations for Master's lecture. Although they had never heard of Master and were not even initiated, volunteers, including a city councillor and a former member of Parliament, often worked late into the night. Two companies printed the African sample booklet and flyer by working overtime on the weekend.

People in Durban eagerly took sample booklets and handfuls of flyers for their friends and families, saying that they were "good luck." Many African teachers wanted to take African sample booklets to distribute at the schools in the area, and delightfully surprised us with their sincerity. They even arose at 5:00 AM to post Master's placards in the local townships and in the libraries and schools. After we put up hundreds of large posters of Master on the streets of Durban, the whole city became very beautiful and people gathered around them. They asked us questions such as, "Is She a Queen?"

Out of South Africa, with Love

Many newspapers, including the Leader, the Sunday Tribune, the Daily News, the Post, Ilanga, and the Mercury, as well as several radio stations in Durban, were very interested in Master and produced respectful articles and announcements about the lecture. One radio station, Radio Lotus, broadcast an interview with a fellow practitioner and later rebroadcast the interview five times because it was so well received. The three contact numbers for the Durban lecture were so busy that people asked us to check if our phones were out of order. When one reporter saw Master's photo he exclaimed that She was the woman Master he had been looking for, and that She was just what the people of South Africa needed. The largest newspaper, the Zulu paper "Ilanga," published an article on one of its prime pages with the headline, "World Respected Leader Coming..." After the lecture, a parking inspector approached a group of our working team members who were removing Master's posters from the streets. They thought he wanted to ask them to move their car, but to their surprise he requested one of Master's posters and then asked to learn the Convenient Method!

The people of South Africa gave the working team members much physical, moral, and spiritual support, and helped to make Master's tour in South Africa immensely successful. Looking at the South African people, one could not help but wonder if they came from a high spiritual plane to help us accomplish our mission. Some of us even wondered if we were once natives of South Africa, living with limited material possessions but unlimited spiritual freedom. Even after leaving Africa, many of us are still mesmerized by the scene of fellow practitioners sitting around a campfire in the crisp African night, listening to the high level teachings of our Master. Is this now or was it in the past? Out of South Africa, where time is of no essence, only spirituality is.