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Keeping Warm to Stay Comfortable and Healthy

In hotels, if the sheet and covers do not give enough warmth, use two big bath towels to:

1. Place one layer on the bed, and
2. One to cover under the blankets. Otherwise, wear a bathrobe to sleep if provided.

In the hotel room, if you are cold and layering the bath towels under the bedcovers still does not provide sufficient warmth, fill an empty plastic bottle (e.g., mineral water bottle) with hot water and hug to sleep. 。

If you are cold at night, experience sleeplessness, or have pain in some parts of the body due to coldness:

☆  Place a heat pack (can buy in a sport shop) over the area of pain.
☆  Use a hot water bottle instead.
☆  Use a plastic bottle filled with hot water if you do not have the above two items.
☆  An electric heating pillow or blanket can also give comfort, relieving pain and stiffness due to cold weather or the air conditioner.