The Miracle of Blessing Power

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Four-day Christmas Retreat, Florida, USA,
December 26, 2001 (Originally in English)

The Miracle of Blessing Power

Practitioner: There is physical evidence today that when you bless something, you change its molecular structure. I saw on the Internet that there is this Japanese scientist who took some water, like polluted water, for example, from a river in Japan. And then he froze it and magnified it 500 times. And he took a picture of it. The water that was very polluted had no shape; it looked like mud, just a big mud thing.

And then he went to a temple and asked one of the priests to bless the water, the same exact water, from the same sample. Afterwards, he froze the water, took a picture, and the muddy look of it became a beautiful crystalline structure. It's like a snowflake. And then he decided to continue the experiment. He took another water sample and put "Thank you" on the container of water; he taped the words on it. And then he took a picture of that water and it had a different structure, he got a different picture, like the water had a language.

And then he took the water, and he said, "Let's apply some music to the water." So he put the water near hard rock, heavy metal rock, really noisy music. And that water was all distorted, and it looked like it had faces in it. Then he took the water and he said, let's say, "Mahatma Gandhi," or "Mother Teresa" near it. And every single thought or every single word produced a different image. The water changed every single time, even the polluted water. So it's really amazing when we think about Master's blessing food, and even ourselves, that we do even change the structure of the food or the water. And there's physical evidence of this.

Master: You know, I'm very shy. When you ask too much about what kind of power I have, I have a hard time explaining it. So I probably just tell you that they like the food or they like the cakes or something like that. But you have to find out for yourself. I'm not a very good advertising agent. I rarely talk about things like that.

If I say something, I say, "the Master," or "the Master power." It's not me that I'm talking about. The Master or the Master power, that is impersonalized. But just for the physical evidence, any priest or anyone with good intentions can bless something and make it better than nothing. When someone with spiritual power blesses water, it has light. And you can see it. When you put two different waters here, one that's blessed and one that's not blessed, the one that's blessed will sparkle with light.

Kids, they will go to it, or dogs will go to it. You don't have to tell them which one is the blessed water. They will go and take it instead of the other one, because they can see the light. Not all kids can see; younger kids can see, and many dogs, they can see. They can see the spiritual auras of people. That's why some dogs bark at some people, but they don't bark at anyone else.

So there is such a thing as spiritual power or different energy from different people. Sometimes you go out to eat in some restaurant or somewhere, and even though it looks clean, you still feel dirty. That is the energy; there's some blessing power that's missing. So a lot of people bring food to the temple or to the church to ask the priest or the commissioner, the nun or the monk, to bless them. This does have some effect, even though these monks and nuns, maybe they are not really practicing Quan Yin or anything. But they are sincere, they're pure and they have some blessing power. So it does work, to some extent, but not as well as with an enlightened person, of course. But it's better than nothing, like the Japanese scientist showed. And when you say to someone, "Oh, bless your heart!" or, "May God bless you," it really has an effect. So, do say these things. Do wish people well.