How to Get the Most Blessings

How to Get the Most Blessings

To help us to be more aware of the blessings we have been given and the way to gain more for ourselves and the world, Supreme Master Ching Hai has revealed on several occasions the number of spiritual points needed to achieve certain attributes of human life, as well as those bestowed by higher beings, nature, animals and other sources. She reminds us:

Peace comes with a price. Peace comes when we elevate all of the whole world's consciousness. So, don't point a finger at this and that leader or this and that group. The whole world shares happiness and sorrow all together. We are all to be blamed and we are all to be cherished; we are all to be respected, and we are all to be loved. We all share this home together. Please, I need all of your points put together for the sake of peace and the planet.

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Cancún, Mexico, December 5 and 9, 2010

The Preciousness of a Human Life

We’ve all heard that human life is precious. Buddha said that it’s easier for a turtle to go all the way from the bottom of the ocean up to the surface and meet one random little piece of wood that’s passing by with a little hole in it than to become a human, meaning to have a human birth. You may have heard that, but you don’t know how precious it is. I am going to put it here mathematically, so you know how many. Heaven does have points to classify who is who. We humans are very, very precious.

To get a human body: 9.2 zillions of zillions* spiritual points (zillions of zillions,Note 1
To live a full 100 years need an additional 20 zillions of zillions
To get to the Third Level of spiritual Heaven 400 zillions of zillions
To be rich, like a millionaire only, not billionaire yet need an extra 300,000 zillion
To be healthy all your life need an additional 350,000 zillion spiritual points
To have mental invincibility need an additional 60,000 zillion
To be a king or a queen need an additional 700,000 zillion
To be a president need an additional 530,000 zillion
To be a prince or princess need an additional 460,000 zillion
To have 150 IQ, like Einstein need an additional 220,000 zillion
To have good looks need an additional 200,000 zillion
To have a good voice need an additional 183,000 zillion
To have a good relationship with the world, with the people around you and whomever you meet need an additional 270,000 zillion
To be born in a peaceful nation need an additional 240,000 zillion
To have a good marriage need an additional 230,000 zillion
To have good children need an additional 350,000 zillion
To be famous need an additional 170,000 zillion
And the more you have, the more interest you earn.
For example, if I meditated yesterday, I would earn like 300 zillion. Then today I earn 600 zillion because of the interest.

*Note 1 from Master: Because after zillions, I don’t know if we have any more units, so I say “zillions of zillions.”

Blessings Offered by Higher Beings, Spiritual Practice, Nature and More

The more discipline you keep, the more angels you have. And these are real things. For example, if 100 is the scale (for 100%):
The angels normally will bless you 5%.
The deities will bless you 5%.
If we don’t do anything wrong and if we just eat vegan, we get more from that - more and more all the time.
One person who doesn’t meditate gets 5%.
The meditating person gets like 15%. (Because they are on the higher level of consciousness. So the higher we go, the higher blessing we get.)
If you meditate on Light, for example “Om,” or “Om Mani Padme Hum,” or on the breathing, like Vipassana, Hatha, or Raja Yoga, you get 5% more spiritual blessing points.
On average, a Quan Yin practitioner who meditates every day has 30-40% more extra, apart from vegan meals and all that.
If you eat three times a day, vegan, you earn 10% more.
If you eat two times a day, you earn 20%. If you eat only one vegan meal a day, you get like 40% more spiritual points.
If you are a breatharian, and you meditate, you get 30-70% spiritual points.
A high-level master, a saint: would bless you 500%
If the Master is higher than the Fifth Level, she or he would bless the disciple like 4,000% spiritual blessing.
The higher master or the highest one, for example, of Jesus’ and Buddha’s status, they would bless you 4,000% every time, every day, in spiritual points. For example, if you’re near them, or if you are in the same world with them - of course, the nearer, the more blessing. But they would just bless you 4,000% per day without you doing anything.
The people who are not vegan and who are not meditating, they get only 3%, because everything else has to be deducted: like animal karma, other bad retribution, and everything else. So, 3% left.
A Ninth Level Master on Earth, even remotely, blesses his or her direct disciples 30,000%. And if nearer, of course, even more. That’s from afar, or remote blessing. Nearer, more.
A normal saint, for example, a monk in India who eats vegetarian, and meditates on any method - it doesn’t have to be my method - he would even bless you 30% by his own merit, automatically.
UFO people bless you from 10-60% every day.
If you walk barefoot in a clean area, in the sand on a beach, for example, you have 5% blessing. Just to walk barefoot.
A tree that you could put the arms around, for example, a pine tree in the forest, one tree alone blesses you 15% spiritual points daily, by just being there. And even the small plants.
The moon blesses you 40%.
The visible stars bless you 40%. The invisible ones, meaning the faraway stars, bless you also, but less.
The sea blesses you so much, and the sun, the river, water, the wind, the air blesses you also, like 10, 15%.
When you meditate in the open air, you get 59% more than when you sit in a closed building. The thicker the building, the less – a little less – the concentration of the blessing.
When you walk in the garden, or you sit in the garden and you meditate, you have more spiritual points than sitting on concrete in a small room somewhere.
Hair blesses you also, 5% – long hair. Long hair, about my length, you get 5% more spiritual points, extra.

Blessings from the Animals

Your dog will bless you 3% every day.
My dogs bless me 6% or 8%, because they are vegan and I love them, and they respond to love. They don’t just give to anyone, not even their human companion. If that person doesn’t love them, they don’t give. For example, I have caretakers who help me to take care of the dogs when I am not home and during the day when I am not available. But the dogs don’t bless them that much. They bless them, yes, 1%, 2%. But they bless me 8%, 6%, depending on size and long-term vegan or not. The longer the dogs are with me, the higher the percentage of blessing.
If it is a vegetarian dog, it blesses you 3%.
A non-vegetarian dog would bless you less, like 2%.
A medium bird will bless you 4%.
A parrot, for example, a big parrot, blesses you even more, 8%.
A turkey raised in your yard, he or she will bless you 5-10%.
A chicken, even so small and helpless, blesses you 2-6%, or 10%, because if you feed them vegan, then they have more power to bless you.
A rabbit, from 4-6%.
The cow will bless you 7-15% in spiritual points.
A pig would bless you 5-10%.
The lamb would give you 5-10%.
A horse will give you 6-15%.
An elephant will give you 40% in spiritual merit, the grown-up one.
A seal on the sea, would give you 13%.
A goat would give you 5%.
A wild tiger can bless you 2%.
A lion blesses you 1%
Geese bless you 15%.
The bumble bee blesses you 1%.
A butterfly blesses you 1%.
A fly blesses you 0.5%.
Wild birds bless you; seagulls bless you 8%.
Crocodiles even bless you 2%.
A wild hog blesses you 8%.
Turtles bless you 15%.
A wild cat, 2-6%.
A fox, even, 4%.

If we eat animals, our merits have to be deducted and given to that animal.

Master also gently reminds us of our appreciation for the blessings we continually receive:

Every time you meditate, every time you remember, just: “Thank you. Please bless me. Thanks for your blessing.”
And take it in: “Thank you, all of you. All of you – all the trees, the plants, the Earth, the air, the Sun, the Moon, the stars,”
all the deities that bless you, the angels, the UFO people – visible, invisible – and all the animals, wild animals...

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