An Interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai
by a reporter from Bijorcha TV
at the Paris International Jewelry Exhibition

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Born on the ethereal inspiration of
Supreme Master Ching Hai.
The Jewelry of Heaven descends to Earth
Through the skillful hands of artisans。
To amazes of the world.
Flawless pearls and jade, glorious and radiant;
Gold, inlaid with gems and diamonds, dazzles the eye.
Behind each piece, a special meaning tugs at heart.
Conveying the deepest wisdom of the universe.
Supreme Master Ching Hai's designs awaken
The soul and life force of all humanity.

January 24, 1997 (originally in French and English)
Videotape No. 629

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J:First we have an extremely important interview on Bijorcha TV today, an interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai. Thank You for coming, Madame.

M:Thank you, sir.

J:First of all, can You tell me the relationship between Your jewelry and the spiritual path?

M:Yes! Beauty, virtue and Truth are symbols of all religions so if one creates beautiful things, they symbolize some of Heaven's beauty. I think they also remind us of spiritual practice.

J:Does each of Your jewelry designs have a meaning?


J:Would You introduce some of Your designs to us

M:Yes. For example, this set is made with the "SM" logo. That's our logo.

J:How was the logo chosen?

M"SM" means Supreme Master. It reminds us that we are the Supreme Master. Just like the Bible says, "God, the Spirit, dwells within you. You are the temple."
(Master comments on another jewelry design that the journalist has picked up.) That's a new design: Twin Hearts. When two people understand each other physically, mentally and spiritually, they become one. Similarly, we become one with God when we attain perfect enlightenment.

J:So, what I'm holding in my hand now is a present to say, "I love you," right?

M:Yes, you can also use it for a wedding.

J:That's what I meant to say. It's really nice. What kind of material is it made of? Is it gold?

M:It's solid gold and diamonds. Everything we make has real precious stones and real gold, normally 24-, 22- or 23-carat. We don't use anything that's not real: It's not gold plated but solid gold.

J:In French, we say, "It's the real thing."

M:That's true.

J:(Pointing to a bracelet) That bracelet over there is very nice. It's superb!

M:It's for women.

J:When You create jewelry, do You enter into a particular state, or are You inspired by a particular event?

M:I'm inspired by God.

J:Does that also happen when You write a book or paint a painting?

M:Yes. I had never studied design before, but after meditating for many years, I became inspired. And now I can do many things such as designing clothes, designing jewelry, painting and many other things.

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J:The large collar necklace over there is also very nice. Is it also made of gold? And can You tell me what it is?

M:This design is called The Hidden Force Connection. The stones are real Australian opal and the necklace is real gold with different settings. (Master points to different parts of the necklace.) For example, this gold is a little bit dull and real-looking, and this gold is shinier. It's just to create an artistic, eye-catching look and also to represent the negative and positive forces, what we call Yin and Yang.

J:One therefore rediscovers spirituality?

M:Yes. Diamonds represent our true Self, which is forever indestructible. We search for and select the best quality and color of opal as you can see. It's very rare to find such a large opal stone with a beautiful color like this.

The Hidden Force Connection

J:Let's go ahead with Your designs. Is the choice of color important?

M:Yes; if not, then it's not attractive.

J:Yes, of course. Let me rephrase my question: Does the choice of color have a meaning?

M:Yes, yes! It also has a meaning. For example, this is a perfect white diamond and a black jet stone. It represents Heaven and Earth. And this, the whole creation, is called To the Other Shore like the boat that takes people to the other side.

To the Other Shore

J(Holding up the To the Other Shore necklace to the camera) I think we'll have to show this one because it's really, really beautiful.

M:Yes, that's To the Other Shore. It's like a perfect Method of liberation. Just as we teach people how to meditate and find their own peace and liberation in this life, the boat represents that which takes people to safety on the other side of the sea, through the waves, typhoon and so on.

J:If I wear such jewelry, will I feel better?

M:You'll be reminded of your own greatness; you'll be reminded of the liberation of Heaven. And that will make you more inspired to learn to practice how to perfect yourself until you become the master of yourself. Then you'll forget the troubles of this world. You'll rise above all the troubles like a boat rises above the sea.