In-Depth with
Loving the Silent Tears Star:

Fabiana Passoni

Award-winning singer
Fabiana Passoni (Brazil)
“Your Eyes, Your Ears, Your Heart”
Loving the Silent Tears

“Her life story is full of challenges as well as success. Fabiana Passoni is an excellent example of a woman who can manage her personal and professional roles, radiate optimism, share a bright outlook for the future and serve as an example of dedication and perseverance for all.”

This is the statement by the pioneering Brazil-based radio program, Talk 2 Brazil, as it named Ms. Passoni “Person of the Year 2012.” It is also no wonder that Fabiana Passoni, who is from Poços de Caldas, Brazil, was recognized by the Brazilian International Press Awards’ 2012 Colégio Eleitoral as “Best Brazilian Female Singer” living in the US, or that she was nominated for the 2013 Brazilian International Press Awards.

Her albums and singles have enjoyed critical acclaim and months on the Smooth Jazz charts. With her velvety voice and joyful interpretations, Fabiana Passoni’s live performances that combine jazz fusion with the older rhythms of Brazil such as bossa nova, are truly a celebration of Brazilian soul and life itself.

Indeed, Loving the Silent Tears was blessed to have Ms. Passoni bringing both her unique voice and positive persona to the stage. Dressed in a vibrant costume and dancing the samba, she created a scene reminiscent of a festive Brazilian Carnival with the upbeat solo song “Your Eyes, Your Ears, Your Heart,” set to music by 6-time Grammy-winning and Oscar-nominated Jorge Calandrelli.

Extensive media coverage

Media continually featured Ms. Passoni and her new role, including La Prensa de Los Angeles, KCAL Ch. 9's California Adventure TV, Bereavision TV, PopStop TV, Talk 2 Brazil, Brazilian Hour Radio, Brazilian Digital Channel, Opaua magazine, Hollywood Weekly Magazine, Acontece Magazine, Soul Brasil Magazine, BrasilBest newspaper, and Jornal da Mantiqueira (her proud Brazilian hometown’s newspaper).   

Let’s find out what inspiring thoughts Fabiana Passoni shared throughout her experience with Loving the Silent Tears.

Source of Inspiration

I think it's positivism. I need to be positive all the time. I had so many struggles in my life that you start believing more and more that things can work out once you get out of that misery, or whatever you're going through. I like to just sit in my studio and if I say, "I want to write a music right now,” I can just do it. It's just like a gift from God, perhaps. So I'm very positive and I think every single person in the world should be, too.

The Musical

I'm really excited about being part of the Loving the Silent Tears because I literally can relate to it with [the poetry of] the Supreme Master Ching Hai. Because I was there, I struggled with my search for happiness several times in my life. I had cancer, not only once, but twice. So, when you are on the verge of dying, let's put it that way, you start changing your perspective of life and you start giving more attention to the air that you breathe and stuff that you usually were so busy with your life that you just didn't care about. So, it's kind of like, "Wow, I totally forgot… my spiritual life, my Self.”

This is different, this is searching for happiness inside of your inner Self. So, it is very spiritual, and I think people need to pay attention a little bit more on the spiritual side of the human being, because that’s what’s going to change the world.

Her Musical Role

I am so proud to represent my home country of Brazil in Loving the Silent Tears. There’re certain lyrics there, even in one of my songs [“Your Eyes, Your Ears, Your Heart”], that say you have struggles, and who doesn’t? So I think [Supreme Master Ching Hai] is very honest with herself. She showed to the people that the struggles are allowed in our lives and it’s normal to have it. And just keep searching for that thing that makes you happy. I can relate to that so much, that I think the feeling that I’m going through singing in the musical will be really sincere.

from “Your Eyes, Your Ears, Your Heart”
You have numerous disciples.
I have only You!
Who is the most faithful of us two?

Excerpt from Silent Tears poetry collection
By Supreme Master Ching Hai,
Formosa - 1980s

On the Red Carpet

I am overwhelmed by good feelings. It’s been a wonderful journey and I’m really looking forward to the show. It changed my life in so many ways. I am surrounded by good [people], so it’s really nice. I’m doing the Brazilian dance and samba. Yeah, it’s going to be really fun!

After the Show

It was beautiful. It’s bittersweet. You know, we put a lot of work into it, days rehearsing, full days. We made family here. I think everybody [in the cast] somehow, someway was touched in our hearts with the message. Everybody was very good, very professional, and everybody put their love and soul into it. And I think that’s why it was a great success. And just so you know, my mom was watching in Brazil, so the whole live stream is wonderful. So it’s pretty cool! Awesome!

The Multicultural Stage

I think because it’s just one message, which is peace and happiness, so it doesn’t matter if you’re from Brazil, or from Korea, or from Japan, or from Vietnam (Âu Lạc), it’s the same message. We want everybody to find their inner peace and just be happy.

Singing “Take Each Other’s Hand”

I almost cried. But I held it and said, “Okay, let’s do this.” Everybody feels really inspired. Everybody really liked it. And I’m just honored and happy to be here.

. With the full company in closing song, "Take Each Other's Hand"

On the red carpet

Appreciation for the Poet  

I’m really a fan of the Supreme Master right now, because she is really cool!

I think Supreme Master Ching Hai is doing a wonderful job, and I am really happy to be part of the positivism of this play, so that’s really great. And Supreme Master Ching Hai, please keep doing what you’re doing because it’s wonderful!

The Artists and Creative Team:

The Presenters: Guest Speaker: George Chakiris (Vegetarian)  /  MC: Susie Castillo (Vegan)  /  MC: Corey Feldman (Vegetarian)  /  MC: Kelly Packard (Vegetarian)  /  MC: Kristoff St. John (Vegetarian)  

The Cast: Camellia Abou-Odah (Arab region)  /  Flo Ankah (France)  /  Black Uhuru (Jamaica)  /  Liz Callaway (Australia)  /  Junior Case (Conductor)  /  Patti Cohenour (Joy)  /  Luke Eberl (Pete)  /  Debbie Gravitte (USA)  /  Hồ Quỳnh Hương (Vegan)(Âu Lạc)  /  Mark Janicello (Vegetarian) (Italy)  /  Brian Joo (Korea)  /  Liel Kolet (Israel)  /  Kiril Kulish (Russia)  /  Katie McMahon (Ireland)  /  Heather Park (Vegan) (Korea)  /  Fabiana Passoni (Brazil)  /  Jon Secada (Cuba)  /  Siavash Shams (Iran)  /  Kay Tse (Vegetarian) (China)  /  Jody Watley (Africa)  

The Composers: Jorge Calandrelli  /  Al Kasha  /  Doug Katsaros  /  Henry Krieger  /  Don Pippin  /  Nan Schwartz  /  David Shire   

The Creative Team: Director: Vincent Paterson  / Choreographer: Bonnie Story   /  Production Scenic Designer: John Iacovelli  /  Writer: Frank Evans, Writer: Cynthia Lewis Ferrell