In-Depth with Loving the Silent Tears
Kelly Packard (Vegetarian)


Kelly Packard, best known for starring in the popular TV show Baywatch, was one of the four veg MCs at the world premiere of Loving the Silent Tears: The Musical.

With her eyes shining with excitement, Ms. Packard said she readily joined the red carpet event for its unique, compassionate message in commemoration of Supreme Master Ching Hai Day. In an interview with Time TV, she said, “All I knew at that point was that it was about peace and love and they supported animal rights. I’m like, ‘Sign me up!’ And now that I’ve really come to learn about her [Supreme Master Ching Hai] and her teachings – it’s so beautiful.”  

Kelly Packard began her career in

entertainment by appearing on television commercials at the age of eight before going on to win the title of Miss California Pre-Teen in 1988. The teenage beauty was invited for guest roles on such shows as The Wonder Years, Boy Meets World, Step by Step, and Living Dolls. Her first regular role was on the NBC comedy California Dreams, from Saved by the Bell producer Peter Engel. Barely 16, Kelly took on the role of surfer girl Tiffani and portrayed the character for five seasons.

However, the actress is probably best known from the long-running series Baywatch where she starred as a fashion-designing lifeguard, alongside castmates, vegetarian Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra, and David Hasselhoff. She recalled, “Being on the number one show in the world, it took me to a whole different level in terms of my spiritual being. Just knowing that I could touch people out there… I have tried to do that every day in my life since then.”

Famed actress & TV host Kelly Packard uses her fame to
inspire others, and fully advocates kindness toward animals.

Ms. Packard then became a sought-after TV host. One of her most notable shows was Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, for which she traveled the world reporting on incredible feats performed by extraordinary people.

Kelly Packard has always been an animal lover. She honestly shared about how she transformed her love into real action: “I’m a vegetarian. Eight years ago it was something that I really wanted to try but I was nervous, I was scared. And my reasonings for wanting to try it is, being the animal lover and activist that I am, I felt like a hypocrite not being a vegetarian. So, I actually went to an Amanda Foundation (animal rescue) event and I walked away going, ‘Okay! Tonight’s the night!’ And I just did it. And I was amazed at how much easier it was than I thought it was going to be. Spiritually, I just felt so great that I was doing something I wanted to do.” 
Kelly Packard (vegetarian),
one of the caring MCs of

Loving the Silent Tears

Describing her reaction to being a part of Loving the Silent Tears, an event that aligned with her own ideals, Ms. Packard shared, “I was just so excited to be able to be a part of it in some small way. I got a copy of Silent Tears, the poems, and I just was floored. I thought, ‘Oh! This being made into a musical is going to be beautiful!’ And I was so excited that I got to preview it.”

The tender-hearted actress also spoke of her expectations of herself as a co-host, saying it would just require “having the ability to relay the message, enjoy the moment, and share the message in your own way.”

When asked what the message of the musical event was, Ms. Packard answered in her own words, “Absolutely peace and love. I mean, she [Supreme Master Ching Hai] just emulates that. And everything that she writes emulates that. And what a great time to be promoting that, right?”

The Artists and Creative Team:

The Presenters: Guest Speaker: George Chakiris (Vegetarian)  /  MC: Susie Castillo (Vegan)  /  MC: Corey Feldman (Vegetarian)  /  MC: Kelly Packard (Vegetarian)  /  MC: Kristoff St. John (Vegetarian)  

The Cast: Camellia Abou-Odah (Arab region)  /  Flo Ankah (France)  /  Black Uhuru (Jamaica)  /  Liz Callaway (Australia)  /  Junior Case (Conductor)  /  Patti Cohenour (Joy)  /  Luke Eberl (Pete)  /  Debbie Gravitte (USA)  /  Hồ Quỳnh Hương (Vegan)(Âu Lạc)  /  Mark Janicello (Vegetarian) (Italy)  /  Brian Joo (Korea)  /  Liel Kolet (Israel)  /  Kiril Kulish (Russia)  /  Katie McMahon (Ireland)  /  Heather Park (Vegan) (Korea)  /  Fabiana Passoni (Brazil)  /  Jon Secada (Cuba)  /  Siavash Shams (Iran)  /  Kay Tse (Vegetarian) (China)  /  Jody Watley (Africa)  

The Composers: Jorge Calandrelli  /  Al Kasha  /  Doug Katsaros  /  Henry Krieger  /  Don Pippin  /  Nan Schwartz  /  David Shire   

The Creative Team: Director: Vincent Paterson  / Choreographer: Bonnie Story   /  Production Scenic Designer: John Iacovelli  /  Writer: Frank Evans, Writer: Cynthia Lewis Ferrell