Special Reports


Here Is Heaven

By Brother Initiate Frank Dong,
San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.
(Originally In English)

The day before I left the Korea retreat, Master held a barbecue dinner party for us. Disciples from all over the world divided into several groups with each group working as a team to prepare the stove and cook its own food. The brothers and especially the sisters from Formosa were more skillful in this event. They had their fire ready first, and enjoyed their food the earliest! Some more "enlightened" brothers toured around the groups and found that each had its own special way of cooking. After the satisfaction of eating and drinking, we started to sing and dance with Master! From one group to another, the songs and jokes with Master were so touching and blessed that the whole experience was out of this world!

When I asked a brother who is from South Africa, "Where are you from?" He answered, "I'm from heaven!" I asked again, "'Where are you now?" " I'm in heaven," he replied! I couldn't agree with him more! Master has told us that heaven and hell are all created by us; it all comes from our minds. I sincerely believe that if only we follow Master's teachings and practice faithfully, wherever we are, we are in heaven!

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