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Recipe Provided by the Belgium Center


150g soybeans
550g water
Some sugar


1. Soak the cleansed soybeans in 500g water overnight (about 8 10 hours) until soybeans become 350g (2.5 times bigger than the original size). (Pic 1). If soaked too long, bubbles will rise to the surface of the water, which means the soybeans have started to

Pic 1

ferment. The fermented soybeans are still edible but not tasty. So make sure to soak about 8 hours in summer and 10 hours in winter.


2. Prepare the filtering tools-cheesecloth. (Pic 2) Remove the softened soybeans from water and pour into a blender. Add the same amount of water (350g) and blend at high speed for 2 minutes until mixture becomes creamy. (Pic 3) Pour the creamy mixture into a

Pic 2

cheesecloth bag, while adding 200g more water for ease of filtering. (Pic 4)

Pic 3
Pic 4

3. Making soymilk (Pic 5). After cleaning up all the tools, filter the soymilk one or two more times to get rid of small soy fibers. So the milk will not be burned easily and stick to the bottom of the pot when cooking.

Pic 5
4. Remove soybean residue from filtering bag and set aside for future use, such as making sweet sesame pancakes, or hamburgers. (Pic 6)
Pic 6

5. Pour the soymilk into a pot and cook on medium to high heat, uncovered (Pic7). In the beginning, the bubbles floating on the surface of soymilk are big. As the temperature increases, the bubbles will become smaller. Scoop out the small bubbles and set

Pic 7

aside to sink. When they turn into soymilk, pour back into the pot. As the bubbles become smaller and smaller, and the surface of the soymilk rises higher and higher, the soymilk is about to boil. Immediately turn to low heat to avoid overflowing of the boiled soymilk, which can happen within one or two seconds. Increase the heat once the soymilk surface goes down, and continue to boil for another 20 minutes to eliminate the soy taste.


6. Remove from heat and add some sugar to make tasty sweet soymilk. The soymilk made from this recipe is double the thickness of those sold on the markets. If you prefer a lighter taste, add more water before cooking the soymilk.

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