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Recipe Provided by the London Center, UK

  Ingredients (Pic 1)

500cc fresh coffee
500cc milk
2 Tablespoons corn flour
2 Tablespoons of vanilla essence
400g Italian mascarpone cheese
500g egg-free digestive biscuits
Cocoa powder
Chocolate curls, chips etc. for decoration.

(1) Add corn flour to a little cold milk and mix until creamy; add rest of milk and heat slowly until mixture becomes a thick, creamy paste. This is the egg replacement. (Pic 2)
(2) Let paste cool down for a few minutes, then add mascarpone cheese and vanilla essence. (Pic 3)
(3) Mix all ingredients well until mixture becomes smooth and creamy. In the meantime prepare coffee. (Pic 4)
(4) Once coffee is ready, dunk biscuits one by one into coffee for a couple of seconds and start to make a base layer in a medium size rectangular or square container. Make sure biscuits are not too soggy. (Pic 5)
(5) Once biscuits and coffee layer is ready, add a layer of cream and spread evenly all over. Make sure to calculate enough cream for three layers. (Pic 6)
(6) After cream layer is done, use sieve to sprinkle with a layer of chocolate powder. (Pic 7)
(7) Repeat all three layers twice more so as to create a lasagna-like effect of biscuits and cream and chocolate powder. (Pic 8)
(8)Always end dish with cream on top. (Pic 9)
(9)Sprinkle more chocolate powder and add chocolate curls or chocolate chips to finish. (Pic 10)

(10)Place dish in the fridge for at least four hours. Remove from fridge one hour before serving. Serve with a hot drink. Can be kept in fridge for up to three days. (Pic 11)


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