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Recipe Provided by Japan Center

  Ingredients Serves 4-5

125g potato starch
100g brown sugar (ground)
540 cc water
100g soybean powder (may be substituted with peanut powder, sesame powder, finely crushed walnuts, 30g green tea powder)


1. Combine potato starch, brown sugar, and water in a thick pot (if the pot is too thin, the mixture will easily burn) and stir over medium heat. The mixture will gradually melt and become sticky beginning from the bottom. Stir thoroughly with a spoon to prevent mixture from sticking to the pot till it comes to a boil.

2. Remove from heat and set aside. Cover a cutting board with a plastic sheet, spread half of soybean powder on board, and then pour the mixture from the pot (pic. 1). Next, spread the rest of soybean powder on the top (pic. 2).


Cover the mixture with another piece of plastic sheet. Use your palm to press down the mixture.Remove plastic sheet. (pic. 3).

3. Cut the mixture into 3cm x 3cm pieces and place on a plate (pic. 4). Sprinkle more soybean powder on top before serving (pic. 5). In summer, it is recommended to chill the jelly squares in the refrigerator before serving for better taste.

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