The Ching Hai Day
Special Report


Covered by a yellow satin cloth and tied with a red velvet ribbon, the object of our endeavor had not yet been unveiled. A green marble plaque beneath the discreetly wrapped cloth bore witness that: "On October 25, 1993, Mayor Frank Fasi bestowed upon Suma Ching Hai the World Peace Award, honorary citizenship and this sculpture to honor her as an internationally renowned humanitarian. In 1996, Mayor Jeremy Harris designated this site for the sculpture.

May it serve as a reminder of the love and compassion we should strive to achieve in the "Gathering Place" as she has demonstrated through philanthropic acts around the world."

The ceremony was held in the Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden, Honolulu on October 25th -- the Third Anniversary of Ching Hai Day. The festive throng of celebrates dressed handsomely for this occasion. The official representative from the Mayor's office, Mr. Russell, Assistant Coordinator of Culture and The Arts, rendered a speech with congratulations to this meaningful event. With a swift snip, the ribbon was cut and yellow veil was removed to reveal an artistic representation of Suma Ching Hai -- another manifestation of Her grace.

In dedication to this event, beautifully composed songs were sung and a lovely hula dancing was performed, highly appreciated by the guests and host. A sumptuous vegetarian feast, so lovingly prepared and meticulously displayed to convey the most kind friendship, was served. People casually walked about, enjoying the lovely decorations in the Garden as they savoured the delicious meal.

The fruitful conclusion all comes from Your glory. Bathing in Your loving atmosphere, one should remind oneself to be grateful of Your meticulous loving care. The disciples throughout the world can only practice more diligently and share God's grace with more brothers and sisters.


The Ching Hai Day Special Report

Oct. 25 --The Day of The Supreme Master Ching Hai

~Prelude -- The Great Spiritual Leader Spreading Love around the World

~World Peace Award --Cheer of Whole Universe


Feb. 22 --The Day of The Supreme Master Ching Hai

~Prelude -- Selfless devotion in Saving all Sentient Beings

~The World Spiritual Leadership Award
--Glory from Earth to Heaven



~Love in Hawaii

~Celebration of The Third Anniversary Of The Ching Hai Day--The Heavenly Carnival