The Ching Hai Day
Special Report

World Peace Award --

The Cheer of Whole Universe


Watching Video clip of the ceremony

The "Day Of The Supreme Master Chilng Hai" celebration party, organized by the City of Honolulu and the World Cultural Communication Association.

The award presentation ceremony was held at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel in Honolulu on October 25th evening. More than a thousand guests came to this spectacular event. Fellow disciples from all over the world entertained the guests with thrilling performances rich in national features. Therefore, this grand event was also a cultural and religious feast. The invitation and ceremony were jointly convened by the World Cultural Communication Association. With the City of Honolulu, they have molded a bronze statue of the Supreme Master Ching hai, which will be erected in Honolulu to be revered by people.

Escorted by Mayor Fasi of Honolulu, Master goes on the platform to accept fervent cheers from the crowd.
Mayor Fasi presents a statue of the Supreme Master Ching Hai, which will be displayed permanently in a public place in the City of Honolulu for all to admire.

In the speech of Mayor Fasi of Honolulu during the ceremony, he praised the Supreme Master Ching Hai and Her absolutely selfless objective in saving and benefiting all sentient beings. Spreading seeds for the world's peace everywhere, She would inevitably become a mainstay of international society. Mayor Fasi expressed that the Supreme Master Ching Hai is a real saint. Should people of the world be all like Her, there would definitely be peace on earth, and no more wars and calamities.

The audience listen attentively to Master's speech.
The Supreme Master Ching Hai presented Her speech in fluent English. She expressed Her wish to help people who are most in need. She said, although the amount of Her donation was insignificant, it carried the care from people of other nations to the people of the United States. She also asked everyone to strive together for the well-being of the whole humankind, and pray for blessing to the world's peace.

Professional dancers of Hawaii perform the "Lion's Dance", maneuvering through the guests.

Many of Her disciples had formed groups and came to Honolulu just to be present at the commendation ceremony of the Supreme Master Ching Hai. The ceremony on 25th October included a dinner and unique performance programs. A lion dance team of Honolulu inaugurated the event with a group dance of three gigantic lions, Deafening drums and gongs immediately brought a warm atmosphere to the venue. The exquisite and delicious vegetarian dishes of the dinner also deeply impressed the guests.

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The Ching Hai Day Special Report

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