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Provided by Taipei Center, Formosa


600g sponge cake (You can use any kinds of flavors--such as vanilla, chocolate, or coffee)
200g fluffy butter cream*
300g milk chocolate or bittersweet chocolate
Colorful chocolate chips
Some toasted almond chips, chocolate sprinkles and/or coconut powder


(1) Rub the sponge cake up into crumbs by hands. Mix the crumbs thoroughly with fluffy butter cream to form a dough. Cut the dough into 20g small pieces and knead into cake balls. Chill in the fridge for one hour.
(2) Melt the chocolate in a pot heated in hot water. Remove cake balls from the fridge. Insert a toothpick into cake ball, pour some melted chocolate on cake ball evenly by teaspoon and roll into colorful chocolate chips or almonds chips, or coconut powder and serve.

*To make fluffy butter cream: Thoroughly mix 160g butter with 40g powdered sugar by beating at low speed with electric mixer. Then turn to high speed and beat for about ten minutes until fluffy.

*Note: While making sponge cake, there are always some leftovers from trimming the edges etc. We can make use of the leftovers and simply turn them into colorful and delicious chocolate cake balls.

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