Master’s Words
Be Selfless and Unconditional All the Time

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Cancún, Mexico, December 9, 2010
(Originally in English) (DVD#923)


Just be natural, be wise, be unconditional all the time,
like the Sun, the Moon, the sky. Be big, be grand, be limitless:
Then you are that.

Be selfless all the time, always unconditional. Never want to profit from any situation for yourself. Then you’ll get more than you expect. Always be selfless and unconditional. That’s the way of the working of the universe. If you want the Sun to bless you, then remember the Sun’s quality. He gives all the time and never asks anything from you. The Moon, the stars, the trees, the air – always ask nothing. That is the way we raise our consciousness and that’s how we can bless others, if we can be unconditional and selfless. There is no “I” to give, no “I” to take. That’s the best. If you still want to take even my blessing, you’re low. Okay? Low level. Just let it be. Naturally what’s yours will come. What naturally comes to you, then keep. Don’t try to grab anything. It is very uncomfortable for the person that you want to grab, and it’s bad for you, very bad. I mean, character-wise already, don’t have to talk about spiritual blessing or level.

Just be natural, be wise, be unconditional all the time, like the Sun, the Moon, the sky. Be big, be grand, be limitless: Then you are that. Don’t ask me to bless you. Bless yourself. Bless yourself with all these noble qualities, with the limitless power of love. Don’t be small; don’t be a beggar. Because you will be blessed. You are blessed all the time, 24 hours, 25 hours. Never worry that you don’t get blessing. Even if you don’t see the Master, you get blessed because the Master knows what you are doing. Don’t try to push, don’t try to always exhibit yourself in front of the Master so as to get more blessing. You’re wrong. You don’t get it that way. Or even if you do, it’s very little compared to what you will get if you don’t do that, if you just do your job.

We are all here for one purpose: to help the world and to do our job together. But if you just try to get something for yourself, then it is out of our group already, out of our principle. For example, if you’re assigned to do something, then just do that. We are noble, we are God. We don’t do this stuff. Not because I am strict, but I want you to be the God that you are. I don’t want you to be this kind of petty thief or beggar, even for spiritual blessing. You are blessed anyway, especially when you don’t grab it.

You’re blessed all the time, by remote control, by the Sun, by everything. Even if you are not blessed, so what? You have the Quan Yin Method already. You bless yourself. We are one. We don’t beg for anything. You are one. You are me. What’s mine is yours. I told you already, so you know what to expect. And you know me very well. I don’t want the un-God. I expect you to be the perfection, because I know you are the perfection. I only want Gods around me. God female, God male, God gay, lesbian God, big God, small God, fat God, skinny God. I don’t care. Have to be God. Okay? (Audience: Yes.) I love all types of Gods, but must be God.

All right. We have to work together. You drive with four wheels. I always say this. Four wheels have to drive together in the same direction. If one wheel wants to drive south, and the other three have to go north, do you think it will do? (Audience: No.) No. We have to be like one system. One. you have to do your job, I do my job. When we have time, we’re together like this. It’s excellent. Work is different. When we work, we have to do the job, and then we will have the reward after. Or not reward. Who cares? You have to wake up. It’s not the time to play baby anymore. We have to grow up now, be a man, woman, be the protectors of the planet, and work together with me, not work for me. Not work because of me. Not work because you want to see me or get blessing from me. No, no, none of all that rubbish. We are born with blessing power already. No need to ask anything more. Just meditate, do your noble job. That’s the big blessing to yourself, because that means you’re grown up. Means you’re noble, you’re a saint. You don’t ask for any reward. How can any saint be bigger than that? Then you congratulate yourself.

And I will love you forever. Whenever I see you, I’ll say, “Come here, please. Come, come see me.” Yes, I’ll do that, if you work for others unconditionally. I love you so much. Believe that. Even if I don’t see you, I love you, and you will feel it. But if you want to grab me and try to use any job or position just to get my attention or nose into my stuff or try to eat me alive, you get nothing. Understand? (Audience: Yes.) Be a God, be thankful for all the blessings that you have.