Master’s Poem

The Real Love

They said:

“The world is small”

But it ain’t that small!

There's plenty room

For you and me and all…


So why this bickering with our neighbor

For a few meters more –

Even a few kilometers,

Or say another mountain and river!

Don’t you feel rather “small”?


At the end of our sojourn

What do we get after all?

One squeezy square meter

If we are lucky!

To lie down forever


Let’s share the splendid Earth

And do everything to make it better

Even the worms don’t rival

With the butterflies or the birds

Why do we humans try so mightily?

Against each other

Make life a real misery

And even shorter!


What will we tell at the Buddha’s gate,

Or to Saint Peter?

All the stuff we did on Earth,

To bring pain and to suffer…

Oh dear man!


Let me tell you something

Just go hang…

Yourself on the hammock

Between the shadowing coconut

Graceful tall trees!


Enjoy some cake and tea

Feel the gentle breeze

That cools all folly


There…there! You see!

…Ah!..tons of things

We can do our heart to please

Some small and great pleasure

Let it all be…

Let's make life more simple

Let our demands be little.

Then you’ll know

Happiness ever more and more!


Then we don't have to go on snatching land,

Nor have we to hurry on converting man:

It’s not how many in a belief system

It’s what become of them!

It’s not the name of a religious order

It’s what we make of the name!

It’s not how crowded a religion

It’s how much into world peace their contribution

It’s not our words

It’s rather louder our actions.

What is going to be our legend

In the long history of humans?

Will it be right and just

Will it be noble and benevolent?

Or just a grim picture

Soaked in anguished bloody paint!


Why always boast about our Heavenly root:

Oh! Almighty God’s beloved children!

While our life is tainted with all evils

While our survival

Is the cost of others’ extinction!


What is the mark of the “chosen”?

Is it just the bloodstain on your hands?

Be it from animals or man’s!


Oh my dear brothers

I wanted to write you a long loving letter

With thousands more questioning words

But I am dumbfounded

Watching the madness

Of it all.

Tell me:

When or will we ever

Represent Heaven on Earth?

By Supreme Master Ching Hai, April 2011 (Originally in English)