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New Zealand

Thanking a Caring Individual for Promoting Good News
By Auckland News Group (Originally in English)

[Auckland] On February 18, Golden Year 5 (2008), fellow initiates from the Auckland Center presented a letter of appreciation to Mr. Wesley Peddie, accounts manager of the EYE Shop, along with some gifts and Master’s publications. It was a gesture to thank Mr. Peddie for his support in launching the new Supreme Master Television global satellites. Mr. Peddie helped post announcements free of charge on light boxes and rotating displays in 23 major shopping malls around New Zealand. He also provided extra digital sites for better promotion.

Mr. Peddie was surprised to receive the gifts and expressed his sincere gratitude to Master. He told the initiates how much he enjoyed watching the Supreme Master TV programs, and said he planned to leave the announcements in the shopping malls for as long as possible. He is treating the promotion as priority filler even after our campaign is completed. Mr. Peddie also enthusiastically commended Supreme Master TV for its positive and inspirational influence in New Zealand and around the world.

May God's abundant blessings be with Mr. Wesley Peddie in bringing him every success in his endeavors.