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United Kingdom

The Launch of Sky TV in the UK and Ireland
By Surrey News Group (Originally in English)

[Surrey] On February 4, Golden Year 5 (2008), Supreme Master Television was proudly launched on the United Kingdom’s satellite broadcaster Sky, which has around 22 million viewers and covers both the UK and Ireland.

Our Association members from the UK’s Surrey Center traveled to a nearby town to learn about the public response to this exciting news channel, and the feedback from those interviewed was a hundred-percent positive. For example, one young man said, “It’s got to be a good thing, because if people learn about other people’s cultures and other things that go on around the world, they might have more understanding and love for each other.” And another commented that the channel was “absolutely fantastic” and “brilliant,” with his friend adding, “It will bring cultures together, sort out global warming and help the planet.”

It was a great privilege and honor to be able to participate in this special event, as Master’s grace spread out across the UK and Ireland like a soothing blanket of love, aiding the world in its great time of need.