Panorama of Events

The Blue Mountains Environment Summit 2008

By Sydney News Group (Originally in English)

  The Honorable Phil Koperberg, MP, New South Wales Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Water  

[Sydney] On February 23 and 24, Golden Year 5 (2008), Association members from the Sydney Center attended the 2008 Blue Mountains Environment Summit hosted by Mr. Phil Koperberg, the NSW Environmental Minister. Local community members were invited to the event, where scientists and environmental experts presented their findings and emphasised the absolute urgency of the global situation.

At the conference, our Association members suggested that the Australian people become vegetarian in order to help stop global warming, and presented Mr. Koperberg with a letter outlining their recommendations on climate change solutions, a DVD about climate change, SOS and AL flyers and copies of Master’s magazine. Mr. Koperberg said he would consider the suggestions carefully and take them to local, state and federal governments for review. Many other participants also received information from our members, and were reminded of the link between greenhouse-gas emissions and the meat-based diet, with the Alternative Living and vegetarian packets giving them a new perspective to consider.

The day before the Summit began, the local schools held a Youth Environment Summit, which was enthusiastically attended by many students who are passionate about saving the planet. At the Youth Summit a group of students from Blue Mountains Grammar School gave a presentation detailing the environmental activities that their school is undertaking to become a carbon-neutral facility. Among the young people was a student named Ben who is a vegetarian and is actively engaged in environmental projects. His purity of heart and positive energy were an inspiration to all.

During the Blue Mountains Environment Summit it was great to see so many Australians showing concern about the planet. We pray that the Australian government and all other governments around the world can soon produce sustainable policies to ensure a bright, green future for planet Earth.




Supreme Master TV in Demand at
the Lunar New Year Festival
By Sydney News Group (Originally in English)

[Sydney] From February 15 to 17, Golden Year 5 (2008), local Association members attended the annual Aulacese Lunar New Year Festival in Sydney, Australia. At the festival, the initiates served delicious Aulacese vegetarian food. A big screen TV was also set up to play Supreme Master TV programs featuring Lunar New Year celebrations and the program “Planet Earth, Our Loving Home.” In addition to displaying Master’s books, flyers on climate change were also distributed to the guests. Many people sat by the booth to enjoy the delicacies while watching the exciting programs. Some expressed interest in installing satellites at home. It was particularly nice to see the young people show great enthusiasm for the Alternative Living message and for viewing the Supreme Master Television programs.

Following the event, the Sydney Center received several phone calls about accessing Supreme Master TV via satellite and the Internet, and about receiving initiation into the Quan Yin Method. Through this event, the Sydney initiates learned that Supreme Master TV is having a positive effect on people of all ages and from all cultural backgrounds.