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Humanity is at a critical crossroads as continued indulgence in old habits speeds up global warming. With a heart of love and compassion as well as a sense of urgency, Supreme Master Ching Hai shares Her great wisdom through a new leaflet that awakens people to the imperative need to adopt an alternative lifestyle that will help reverse the changing weather patterns. The “SOS – Go Veg! Be Green!” leaflet not only presents the hard facts, it more importantly lights the way to sustainable living in a balanced world. Master has sent a clear message: The vegetarian diet, renewable energy and green technologies are choices that all must act upon now.
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Joining Hands to Help Mother Earth

By Florida News Group (Originally in English)

[Orlando] As part of the worldwide SOS flyer distribution, Florida fellow initiates placed an announcement in the Miami Herald, the major newspaper for South Florida. The announcement contained the SOS flyer as well as information on Supreme Master TV and local contacts for getting free copies of the SOS DVD and for attending the upcoming “Go Veg! Be Green! Save the Planet” seminar. The message also included news about Master’s new book, The Noble Wilds, available for purchase at Through Master’s blessings, the initiates were granted a full-page space at a special discount price on leap year day.

So far, the initiates have received much enthusiastic feedback from the announcement, with people calling to obtain SOS DVDs and get more information on Supreme Master TV. Also, the CBS TV station in Miami contacted the initiates to air the news or put it on their website, and further suggested producing a press release on global warming to be broadcast on their station.

Also, when the initiates distributed about 15,000 SOS flyers and 800 copies of the DVDs, many people were surprised at not having been informed about global warming before, and offered to help spread the news. For instance, a man distributed numerous flyers by himself while the initiates helped him to buy gas for his car. In addition, the initiates plan to participate in upcoming events such as Orlando’s Earth Day and to hold more seminars so that more people will become aware of global warming and join hands in helping save Mother Earth.



Spreading Master's SOS Message at the Asian Festival
By Oregon News Group (Originally in English)

[Oregon] The sun shone on the Asian celebration in Eugene, Oregon on February 16 and 17 Golden Year 5, (2008). The Oregon Center was blessed with a booth by a main entrance, featuring a Supreme Master banner and flag in addition to a large television to introduce Supreme Master TV. Surrounding this main focal point were baskets holding free SOS fliers, sample booklets, Alternative Living recipe books and wisdom cookies. On either side of the booth stood seven-foot-tall SOS banners. Master's publications and creative artworks were also on display.

Thousands of visitors explored the booth. Wearing Supreme Master Television t-shirts, our brothers and sisters passed out SOS fliers in Alternative Living/Supreme Master TV reusable shopping bags, transforming the recipients into live advertisements for the positive TV channel.

People wanted to know how the vegetarian diet could reduce fossil-fuel use and reverse climate change. Many planned to become vegetarian and accepted our Alternative Living recipe books. Visitors and vendors alike felt blessed to be able to access Supreme Master TV online and via satellite. A young aspirant found just what he had been looking for in the Quan Yin Method.

How blessed we are by our wonderful Master to be a part of the effort to save our Earth.



Try Our Best and God will Do the Rest

By Boston News Group (Originally in English)


[Boston] In response to Master’s message to promote vegetarianism, fellow initiates from the Boston Center carried out a series of activities during the Lunar New Year season in Golden Year 5 (2008).

On February 1, the Quan Yin Vegetarian Restaurant teamed up with the Worcester Division of Elder Affairs and Nutrition Program of Elder Services and provided a pure vegetarian Lunar New Year luncheon to over 150 Asian seniors, guests, staff and volunteers at the Worcester Senior Center. The festive vegetarian banquet was highly complimented by participants and guests to make this year’s celebration better than ever before. It was decided that from now on, Vegetarian Lunar New Year will become a tradition of Worcester’s Senior Center!

On February 2, fellow initiates introduced Master’s art and literature for the first time at the Tet-In-Boston event, where The Quan Yin Vegetarian Restaurant became the first vendor ever providing vegetarian food at the venue to thousands of participants. Supreme Master Television and Alternative Living flyers were well received and Master’s publications were displayed for people to preview and enjoy. Association members were also interviewed by SBTN (Saigon Broadcasting Television Network) and WGBH (a public television and radio broadcast service in Massachusetts). Moreover, the local Supreme Master Television correspondents interviewed Senator Jack Hart(1), Boston City Councilor Michael Flaherty and Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino(2) about their points of view and plans to solve global warming problems in the Boston area and the state of Massachusetts.

Coincidentally, the Boston Green Expo was held in the same location at the same time as the Tet-In-Boston event. The Supreme Master Television team was able to meet and interview many green organizations and encourage them to try the tasty vegetarian alternatives. At the end of the day, fellow initiates returned to the center and put together a show featuring animal friends sending their thanks to Master for saving them.

Through these activities, Boston initiates realize that everyone needs to try his best to save the planet so that God will do the rest and bestow Hiers mercy and blessing to save us!



Successful Promotions through 2008 Tet Festivals
Compiled by USA News Groups (Originally in English)

The Tet Festival celebrating the beginning of the Lunar New Year is the most popular holiday in the Aulacese tradition. It is a time for people to light fireworks, exchange well wishes, forgive one another, clear debts and put behind old problems. This year, Aulacese communities in many cities in the US organized Tet events to greet the year of the Rat, and our Association members took this opportunity to share Master’s teachings, promote Supreme Mater TV and spread the SOS message about climate change.

[San Jose] On February 10, Golden Year 5 (2008), over 50,000 people witnessed a festive Tet parade, where the initiates handed out 2,000 Alternative Living bags, 2,000 SOS DVDs, 30,000 flyers introducing Supreme Master TV and the SOS message, Master’s books and well over 200 of Master’s poetry and music CDs. Many participants were attracted to the Supreme Master Television programs, expressed admiration for Master’s humanitarian work, and could not wait for their turn to be interviewed by Association members.

[San Francisco] Local fellow initiates participated in the Festival on February 3 by conducting a booth, where many young children were so deeply drawn to Master’s books The Dogs in My Life and The Birds in My Life that the initiates gave them away as gifts. The Immediate Enlightenment Sample Booklets and vegetarian recipe books were also shared with many interested visitors. In addition, the initiates passed out S.O.S. flyers, Alternative Living bags and balloons with the message “Go veg! Be Green.” Also, an announcement about the launching of Supreme Master TV on global satellites was displayed in the most prestigious Aulacese weekly magazine in Northern California.

[Houston] The city hosted the annual Tet Festival at the Reliant Arena on January 6 and 7, and more than 6,000 people attended the event. Apart from displaying Master’s publications, local fellow initiates served a selection of vegetarian dishes that surprised and delighted many guests with their presentation and tastiness. Supreme Master Television’s SOS message on global warming was broadcast and many people were interested in knowing more about the message and Master’s teachings.

[Los Angeles] In Orange County, over a hundred thousand guests attended the Tet Festival at Garden Grove Park from February 9 and 10. The visitors were attracted by 10 exquisitely prepared vegan dishes prepared by local initiates, and many guests at the initiates’ booth frequently inquired about the vegetarian lifestyle. The sisters and brothers also displayed Master’s publications and distributed Supreme Master TV and AL gift bags containing SOS climate-change flyers.

All these events provided good opportunities to introduce the public to a harmonious, beautiful lifestyle and to elevate people’s consciousness.