Love in Action

Lending a Helping Hand in Mozambique

By Johannesburg News Group (Originally in English)

With Master’s concern and contribution of US$12,000, fellow initiates from the Johannesburg Center quickly prepared relief items such as rice, clothes and water purification tablets and set off to Mozambique to aid the flood victims on January 11.

After traveling continuously for nearly two days, they finally arrived at the flooded town, Nova Mambone, where they quickly handed out the items to people in need. They also explained to the local doctor how to use the water purification tablets. The local government and NGOs were very appreciative of Master’s assistance. According to their assessment, the initiates purchased more urgent food supplies such as rice and flour in a short time. The government provided a large truck, helped the initiates upload and download the food, and distributed the items in an orderly fashion.

The initiates were touched to find that even though many people had lost their homes, they were always greeted with warm smiles and cheerful spirits. The initiates from the Johannesburg Center would like to thank Master for this opportunity to lend a helping hand to our brothers and sisters in need in Mozambique.

Expenditures by Supreme Master Ching Hai
for Flood Relief Work in Mozambique


 Amount (ZAR)


Food, cloth, medical expenses



Miscellaneous (fuel, banners, travel expenses, accommodation, bank fees)



ZAR 78,690.23


(Approx. US$11,633)