Panorama of Events

Report from Ireland
By the Dublin News Group (Originally in English)


The Quan Yin Family
Brightens a Holistic Health Festival


[Cork] From Sept 16 -18, 2005, Dublin and Cork initiates were blessed to participate in the Mind Body Spirit Festival at the City Hall in Cork, Ireland’s second largest city. During the event the practitioners felt delighted and grateful to be able to share Master’s teachings and Method with the public.

The initiates’ simple yet elegant exhibit was decorated in warm green and gold fabric and featured the theme “The Key to A Happy Life through The Quan Yin Method of Meditation.” A large portrait of Master was displayed as the booth’s focal point so that many attendees were blessed through just a glance at Master’s eyes. And to the right a picture of Master meditating in the lotus position moved many viewers to express their happiness at its beauty and serenity.

However, what attracted visitors most powerfully to the booth were the continuous showings of one of Master’s DVD lectures with English subtitles. The spectators busily “read” the lecture despite the noise of the Festival and were in awe of Master and Her teachings, as though She were speaking to them in person. Some guests returned to the stand repeatedly throughout the Festival to obtain more of Master’s leaflets, books, videos, DVDs and CDs and to watch more of Her lecture.

Throughout the event, the initiates also presented three of Master’s lectures on a large screen projector in one of the venue’s seminar rooms, and again the viewers were glued to the screen, captivated by Her straightforward, logical observations.

After the video-lectures, many people expressed an interest in learning the Convenient Method of meditation. Among them was a man who came to the stand frequently to watch Master’s lecture, and who had visited Her exhibits in past years but never showed an interest in learning meditation. Finally this time he made an appointment to learn the CM the following week. Then later that evening the initiates bumped into him at a local vegetarian restaurant, where he was deeply engrossed in reading Master’s sample booklet.

Another interesting incident occurred when across from the Quan Yin booth a large group of people were waiting to hear their fortunes from a famous psychic and clairvoyant, but while standing in line the customers began watching Master’s lecture on the TV screen. Very soon they came over to the stand to inquire about Master and meditation and were surprised that the method of obtaining eternal liberation in a single lifetime was taught free of charge, as some clairvoyants charge 50-100 euros (USD60-120) for a thirty minute session.

Through many such happy and surprising incidents, the initiates felt greatly blessed and grateful to share our merciful Master’s message with their compatriots. And throughout the 2005 Mind Body Spirit Festival it was abundantly clear that Master had elevated human consciousness and the Irish people were noticeably more open minded and receptive to spiritual information than ever before. Thus the experience encouraged the practitioners to continue sharing Master’s teachings, and through Her constant love and blessings they look forward to having many new sisters and brothers join the eternally blessed and happy Quan Yin family.

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