Poem of Immortality

to a

By Supreme Master Ching Hai
(Originally in English)


Hallo, Buddha, Why do you cry?
In your stone heart, how much desire?
Why do your tears stream down the sea?
Why give your love to the pebble?

Oh, Buddha, Oh Buddha,
Why did you leave Nirvana?
What is here to search for?
Endless pain or sorrow?

Oh Buddha, Oh Buddha,
Hurry now, leave Samsara!
Back to where no sorrow
Only joy eternal
Only love, no border.

Hallo Buddha,
Why do you smile?
And your stone heart is full of light!
Why do your arms embrace the world?
Why does your love shine forever?

Oh Buddha, Oh Buddha
Oh Buddha, Oh Buddha

Supreme Master Ching Hai sings “Talking to a Stone Buddha,” which you may enjoy as a magnificent bonus on the Loving the Silent Tears: The Musical CD. This song can also be found in the poetry collection, The Love of Centuries, which includes many of the Poet’s other touching, uplifting verses. The song was composed by Master, and was performed by Chinese platinum pop-star, Kay Tse at the October Golden Year 9 (2012) world premiere of Loving the Silent Tears: The Musical.

Our deepest gratitude goes to Supreme Master Ching Hai for sharing this divine composition with the world. We also express our sincere thanks to all the performers and others who worked on the Loving the Silent Tears musical for bringing joy to our lives and helping to purify the world. May our planet continue to be guided toward everlasting peace through heavenly music.