Correspondence with World Leaders 

Supreme Master Ching Hai Applauds
 US President Barack Obama’s Noble Work

By USA News Group (Originally in English)

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts administers the oath of office to President Barack Obama during the official swearing-in ceremony in the Blue Room of the White House on Inauguration Day, Sunday, January 20, 2013. First Lady Michelle Obama, holding the Robinson family Bible, and daughters Malia and Sasha stand with the President. (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, His Excellency Barack Obama, President of the United States, truly embodies American values and ideals. In his first term, facing a weakened economy, rising debt, high unemployment, and intense international conflict, President Obama took decisive steps to help turn the tide. For example, he signed the Affordable Care Act to assist people in need of healthcare and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, ended the Iraq war, and began withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan. Mr. Obama also improved his country’s image abroad through new policies, began diplomatic initiatives and constructive dialog, worked to enhance ties with the Muslim world and promoted world peace. For these outstanding efforts, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Golden Year 6 (2009). That same year, in a historic speech entitled “A New Beginning,” delivered at Cairo University, he said:

The Holy Koran tells us: “O mankind! We have created you male and a female; and we have made you into nations and tribes so that you may know one another.”

The Talmud tells us: “The whole of the Torah is for the purpose of promoting peace.”

The Holy Bible tells us: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.”

The people of the world can live together in peace. We know that is God’s vision. Now that must be our work here on Earth. Thank you. And may God’s peace be upon you.

After winning re-election, Mr. Obama began his second term as 44th President of the US in January Golden Year 10 (2013). In his State of the Union address he announced that with the steady withdrawal of US troops the war in Afghanistan would be over by the end of 2014. To commend President Obama for his compassion, peacemaking efforts and wise decisions, Supreme Master Ching Hai sent him a congratulatory letter in February Golden Year 10 (2013). We rejoice with the world for His Excellency Barack Obama’s enlightened leadership and pray for the rapid realization of a peaceful kingdom on Earth as envisioned by God. The following is the full text of Master’s letter.

February 18, 2013

His Excellency Barack Obama
President of the United States of America
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20500-0001

Respected Mr. President:

It is with deep admiration and joy that the American people recently celebrated the inauguration of their leader whom they had wisely re-elected. I join them in their joy and would also like to add my heartfelt congratulations for Your Excellency’s dedicated start of a second term as President of the great United States.

During your recent State of the Union address, you announced that 34,000 US troops in Afghanistan, over half of those deployed, will be brought home by February 2014, and that by the end of next year, the war would be over. This momentous promise of peace will surely translate into one of your most remarkable accomplishments as President. Your legacy already shines with the progress made through your initiatives, in such forms as the creation of millions of jobs, the prevention of steep tax increases for most American people, and improved protection for consumers, students, and those at risk of poverty and homelessness. You are bringing more access to healthcare, bettering the immigration system, improving education, reducing the nation’s drug problem through drug courts and rehabilitation programs, improving access to business capital for minorities, women, and veterans, and defending the rights of all co-citizens regardless of their race, religion, gender or gender orientation. In addition, you have promoted stricter gun control laws to curb violence, ended the war in Iraq, and have been advancing global nuclear disarmament. Through all these initiatives, you have always done your best to prioritize the genuine interest, safety, and happiness of the people.

It has been proven that those whose names are etched with reverence in both human history and in Heaven share certain qualities: They act with benevolence, lead lifestyles of compassion, and adhere to a love of peace as well as an unwavering love for the well-being of their fellow humans. You, Mr. President, are clearly among these great individuals worthy of enduring praise, especially with this prudent choice to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. This stands out as one of your best decisions and one of the finest victories that a peacemaker could achieve. You truly are a great peacemaker.

Thanks to your compassionate decision, countless lives will be saved; there will be fewer widows and widowers, orphans and mourning parents, both Afghan and American. Scores of unnecessary injuries that indiscriminately maim young and old for life will be prevented. The soldiers will come home and use their strength, talent, and idealism to contribute to a better society. Husbands, wives, and children will be reunited and gradually look forward to living normal lives together. Their nation will have a chance to rebuild, while yours will grow stronger and more prosperous because so much will be saved in terms of financial costs and youth at the prime of their lives. In turn, the entire world will benefit from these reverberations of peace and harmony.

Only great men with both courageous spirits and loving hearts are capable of putting forth such peaceful decisions, and, moreover, are capable of turning those decisions into reality. Peace is everyone’s dream as much as it is the intrinsic nature of all humans, and you are making this shared dream come true. For this, we thank you. In the name of all citizens in the world, we bow to God in gratitude, and Heaven and Earth praise your heroic deed. You will be honored here on Earth and hereafter in Heaven because we know God loves those who love and protect Hiers children by peaceful means.

Your example of peacemaking will spread throughout the whole world and contribute to global harmony, while your spiritual merit will multiply. Your family and nation will be proud and will inherit this meritorious deed, which will be a blessing in all aspects, including health, happiness, prosperity, peace, love, and spiritual upliftment. I thank you again. And may Heaven grant you multifold blessings as you have granted lifesaving blessings to multifold beings in this world. “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

In your honor following this peacemaking event, I will contribute US$250,000 for the victims of war, including bereft widows, orphans, and lonely elderly, via the Afghan embassy, if possible. If not, then the contribution will be sent through the Red Crescent Society or another benevolent organization.

Our most sincere and humble wishes for your good health and a second term with even greater success than the first.

God bless you and God bless America. All praise to God, all blessing to love, all glory to peace.

Respectfully yours,

Supreme Master Ching Hai

Thank-you letter for Master’s contribution from Afghanistan’s Ambassador to the U.S., His Excellency Eklil Ahmad Hakimi
Thank-you letter for Master’s contribution from Ms. Fatima Gailani, President of the Afghan Red Crescent Society

Letters were sent to Supreme Master Ching Hai by His Excellency Eklil Hakimi, Afghanistan’s Ambassador to the U.S. and Ms. Fatima Gailani, President of the Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS), expressing their heartfelt thanks for Her contribution of US$250,000 in aid to Afghan war victims.

In his letter, Ambassador Hakimi, wrote, “Generous contributions from donors like you provide the financial and moral support needed to continue the mission of bringing much needed assistance to the citizens in the conflict-ridden areas of Afghanistan. With your financial contribution, you’ve demonstrated your deep commitment to helping Afghanistan and the lives of thousands of Afghans. We, at the Embassy of Afghanistan, are truly inspired by your dedication and continued generosity.”

May Heaven bless the Afghan people, and all others suffering from war, with a future full of love, peace and happiness.