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Prophecies to Welcome the New Era -
The Mother of the Millennium
Guides Humanity into a Time of Light

Protected by the Guiding Light of the millennium, Earth has passed through the December 21, 2012 Baktun cycle change on the Mayan calendar and entered a new era. The clairvoyants Nostradamus and Jean de Jerusalem predicted the good news of this transition in their writings. For example, in a letter to a friend, Nostradamus described a new leader who would usher the world into an “age of exploration and limitless prosperity” to last more than 1,000 years. And Jean de Jerusalem predicted that the start of the third millennium AD would see a mother of the new age who would help humanity to evolve spiritually.

On December 22, Golden Year 9 (2012), during a videoconference with Supreme Master Television staff members, Supreme Master Ching Hai was asked if the disastrous events described by Nostradamus, which seem worse than what has actually occurred in recent years, would have come about if it were not for Heaven’s grace.

Master replied, “It could have come true, but we have tried to stop it. So it’s better now. It could have become worse, you see? That’s why you said the prediction sounds worse than the actual events. No, he predicted the truth, but then some of our humans have been very good, and so altogether we have stopped some of the world’s disasters that could have happened to our planet and humankind. But nevertheless, recently in our magazine, they have printed the article of Nostradamus’s prediction, another kind of prediction, and you’ll find a better picture of our world after the big screening.”

Nostradamus wrote most of his prophecies in quatrains, made difficult to decipher due to his frequent use of symbolism and anagrams, as a way to avoid possible persecution during his lifetime. One such prophecy appears in Quatrain #2-28 of his book Les Propheties (‘The Prophecies’), where he accurately foretells the name of the Master who will usher in the new era:


The second of the last name of the Prophet
Will take Diana’s day as his day of silent rest.
He will travel far and wide frantically
To deliver a great people from subjection.

The last four letters of the Latinized name Nostradamus, when written backwards, are “SUMA” – a term that has been used in the past to refer to Supreme Master Ching Hai (SU: Supreme; MA: Master).

In Quatrain #3-94, Nostradamus describes a glorious outcome of the new Messiah’s divine mission; that is, conferring immediate enlightenment to uplift human consciousness:

For five hundred years more one will keep count of him,
Who was the ornament of his time,
Then suddenly great light will he give,
He who for this century will render them very satisfied.
*“Suddenly great light” = immediate enlightenment.

Master Ching Hai initiates sincere Truth seekers into the Quan Yin Method of meditation. The Chinese characters “Quan Yin” mean contemplation of the inner Sound Vi­bration. The Method in­cludes meditation on this Sound as well as the inner Light, both of which have been de­scribed in the spiritual writings of the world’s religions since ancient times. Because a person may hear the inner Sound and see the inner Light imme­di­ately upon initiation, this event is sometimes referred to as “sudden” or “immediate enlightenment.” The inner Light, the Light of God, is the same Light referred to in the word “enlightenment.” Its intensity can range from a subtle glow to the brilliance of many millions of suns. It is through the inner Light and Sound that we come to know God.

Jean de Jerusalem, who was a member of the Knights Templar order between the 11th and 12th centuries, also offered amazing glimpses of the future, predicting and giving detailed information about many current global problems, such as AIDS, widespread hunger, and environmental pollution. The accuracy of his prophecies is truly astounding. The good news is that he also foretold that in the third millennium, after the disasters and wars, the future would be beautiful: Humanity will evolve spiritually and regain its true greatness, and humankind will learn to live together in peace.” In some prophecies, he writes of a woman as the mother of the new age, and here he seems to refer to our Master:

“…..For a woman will come and take hold of the scepter.”

(Master carried a staff for a long time.)

“…..She will be the mother of the millennium which comes after the millennium”

(i.e., after the year 2000).

“The millennium which comes after the millennium

Will be transformed into a time of light,

And there will be love and sharing and dreams,

(We share our wealth with the needy, etc.)

And these dreams will come true.”

We are truly blessed and fortunate in this Golden Year to be able to usher our world into an “age of exploration and limitless prosperity” and a “time of light” under the guidance of our most compassionate, most omnipotent Master. However, as we were reminded by Master during Her videoconference with the Supreme Master Television staff: “So the planet is saved for the humans to live on and other beings to live on. Then we must really treasure it, we must think about how to live a worthy life on this planet, how to really determine to make the better days of our lives, how to return the kindness of Heaven. Not just always asking Heaven what to do for us, but asking ourselves what we could do for the world, for others, and for ourselves. That is the right thing to do.”


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