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The Great Signs

Foretelling the Name of the Master


For eleven more times the Moon will not want the Sun, Both raised and lessened in degree, And put so low that one will sew little gold, That after famine and plague the secret will be revealed.

The East (Moon) + West (Sun) remained hostile... But after much world troubles, the secret (Truth) will be revealed.

The second of the last name of the Prophet Will take Diana's day as his day of silent rest. He will travel far and wide frantically To deliver a great people from subjection.

Diana means Moon : SUMA CH holds retreats (rest days) during the Moon Festival each year!
Master traveled to many different countries to meet with world leaders and other concerned persons about living conditions, resettlement and other urgent issues surrounding the Aulacese refugees.

Foretelling Her Birth and Enlightenment the eve of desolation when the perverted church is atop her most high and sublime dignity... there will proceed one born from a branch long barren, who will deliver the people of the world from a meek and voluntary slavery and place them under the protection of Mars.... The flame of a sect shall spread the world over... [Epistle to Henry II]

In a time of great religious confusion, the Master will be born from an "ism" which has long been devoid of a true, spiritually enlightened Master! (Also Master's mother had not conceived for 12 years before Master's birth)
Mars: Fire (Inner heavenly Light) - This flame already has been spread the world over!

The Moon in the middle of the night over the high mountain, The young sage alone with his mind has seen it: His disciples invite him to become immortal His eyes in the middle, his hands on his breast, his body in the fire.

Master was enlightened when She was still very young. She saw the inner MOON within Her mind's eye. In addition, one time while with Master, the residents witnessed the moon remaining in one place over the top of a mountain for a very long time.
Our fellow practitioners always greet Master with the "eternal-life wishes" song. - One of Master's pen names is "Wu Tzu," which means, "never die."
The last sentence describes the all too well known position of our Light and Sound meditation practice. And we, as well as others, have seen the body of Master radiating heavenly Light (Fire).
  Before the monastery a twin child is found, Of the heroic and ancient blood of a monk: His fame, through a mode of language and powerful sound, Such that one will say elect the healthy survivor of the prematurely born twins.
Master attended ceremonies of monks, and first appeared in Buddhist monk's clothing. (Twin: Master spent some time in Chinese and Tibetan monasteries.)
Twin child - Master and Her "Twin," - Her manifestation body.
Using modern equipment and powerful loudspeaker systems, Master delivers discourses about the Inner Sound.
Prematurely born twin; "Master is too young to be so enlightened," is a comment often made by audiences. Even so, everyone was convinced by Master's powerful speech and recognizes the Supreme Master (elect the twin).
Master in Chinese and Tibetan monastic habits.
  Long awaited One will never return. He will appear in Asia [and be] at home in Europe: One who is issued from great Hermes, And over all the Kings of the East will he grow.
The Master did not reincarnate where people expected.
Master was born in Au Lac (Asia) but can stay freely in Europe (She holds European citizenship)
Hermes: Master's doctrine is an enlightened, non-dualistic teaching such as that of Hermes.
Above worldly power, the teachings of the Master will spread first throughout the Orient; Master traveled and lectured throughout Formosa, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea, and Japan... (All the Kingly Countries of the East. Her teaching was sown there first, where it sprouted and grew most strongly!
  Libra will see the Western lands to govern, Holding the rule over the skies and the Earth: No one will see the forces of Asia destroyed, Not until seven hold the hierarchy in succession.
The year the great seventh number is accomplished Appearing at the time of the games of slaughter Not far from the age of the great millennium (2000) When the dead will come out of their graves
  Sooner and later you will see great changes From extreme horrors and vengeances, For the moon is led by its angel, The heavens approach the Balance. (Astrological-Pluto transit of Libra 1972-1984)
Libra means Balance: The Pluto transit of Libra, circa 1972 to 1984.
Master went to the West in 1972. In 1983, She began initiations in India, Formosa and Germany, and 1984 in the USA, thus bringing souls back to life and releasing them from their earthly tombs (body).
The power of the Eastern Master will destroy evil and change the course of the warring period, heralding a better future.
The MOON is led again by its loving Master (angel) to better balance the Earth. (Remember our Master playing "Chang Erh", The Moon Lady?)
  The soft voice of the sacred friend is heard under holy ground, The human flame shines for the divine voice: It will cause the order of celibate monks to be ruined, And to destroy the sacred [or false] temples of the impure ones.
Master gave talks and held retreats inside the big underground cave(s) at Miaoli, Hsihu. (Master also recited poems there - soft voice.)
Torches, flashlights... light the way for Master to walk during retreats often held outdoors or in the forest. Also lights shine at night when Master gives discourses or sees fellow practitioners to answer their questions; the stage lights at the musical concert where Master sang, etc...
The restricted, sterile religious belief systems will be destroyed.
Master teaches us to be free, and that we do not to have to leave home, or repress our emotions and feelings to be enlightened. The real temple is our body; the real abstinence is detachment from all worldly gain and loss while fulfilling our "give and take" duties according to our karmic destiny.

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