Master’s Wonders

A Dry Cleaner’s Amazing

By Loving the Silent Tears Flyer Team (Originally in English)

One day the flyer-distribution team visited a dry-cleaning shop in the city of Glendale, California, north of Los Angeles, and asked if they could leave some flyers to inform customers about the upcoming musical. However, when the team members walked in, they saw that a stack of flyers was already lying on the counter. This was unusual because the team had not yet visited the area, not to mention this shop. The owner explained that a young lady –she pointed to Master’s picture on the flyer – had come to the shop about a week or ten days earlier asking if she could leave the flyers with her. The shop owner remembered the lady well, saying that she was extremely bright and beautiful and had a lovely, flawless complexion. She said she immediately fell in love with the lady and asked if the lady would be attending the musical because then she would go to the event to see her.

Our team members could not believe what they had heard, so they asked the shop owner, “How tall was The Lady?” and “At what time did she visit the shop?” The owner replied, “The Lady was about your height” (pointing to a petite flyer-team member), and added that “The Lady” was wearing a skirt and high heels and had come around 3:00 P.M. This confirmed to the team that it was indeed Master’s transcendental body that had visited the shop because Her clothing and shoes were not like those typical of a flyer-team member. Also, the team noticed that the flyers had been set in a nice area and the poster had been put up in a high place, showing how much the store owner respected “The Lady” in the flyers and poster.

Our team members continue to be astonished and elated when remembering this incident when one of Master’s myriad transcendental bodies appeared, bringing joy and blessings to the shop owner and the world.