Master’s Words


The Heavenly Grace of Noble and Selfless Motive


Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai,
March 26, Golden Year 9 (2012),
International Gathering in Europe
(Originally in English) DVD#998



I have to thank all of you for your supportive energies and your supportive actions and supportive purpose. In your mind, you have a purpose that you want to save the world and you want to rescue the planet. This is very powerful thinking, very selfless and very noble.

Any noble and selfless thought or action always brings good results. Even if you don’t see it, maybe graphically or visibly, it works. Every time you think nobly and you act nobly or selflessly, the results are always fantastic, visibly and invisibly. And it affects the whole world, not just that person that you did a favor for, or not just yourself or your family or your five generations. It affects the world and even the universe, depending on how big your action or how grand your noble thoughts are.

It always works because when you’re thinking nobly or acting selflessly, you are one with Heaven. And then you’re adding more power to Heaven to overcome the negative power in this world. So, that’s why you and Heaven are connected, and it’s like teamwork. It’s teamwork because Heaven is invisible and you are visible. The invisible and the visible connect together: It’s very strong. The negative power is also invisible, but it has equipment here which is visible through the people who work for negative power or think negatively. So, if the world is full of these negative instruments and connected with negative power, then of course, it’s bound for doom and trouble.

But if we balance it with our positive power and our connection with Heaven, then at least it’s balanced. It’s not like one side is too much and one side’s too little. So, the more practitioners, the more noble thoughts you have and the more selfless actions you do, you will save the world.