Selected Questions and Answers

Hope for Humankind and the Planet Through Meditation and Prayer

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Videoconference
with Her Excellency Lu Hsiu-lien, Hsihu Center, Formosa,
August 16, 2011 (Originally in Chinese)

In a conversation with the 10th- and 11th-term Vice President of Formosa, Ms. Lu Hsiu-lien, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke of forces that are threatening the Earth and the only way that humanity can counter them.

Ms. Lu: A lot of problems are happening on the planet. Master, according to your insight, is there any safety concern related to natural disasters to which we should pay attention in the near future, like by the end of this year?

SM: It is very chaotic right now. We have all kinds of natural disasters. If we don’t have earthquakes, we have typhoons; if not typhoons, we have floods; if not floods, we have droughts; if not drought, we have heat waves. If not that, there is still another great danger, which is the Sun. The Sun may change itself, which will have a major impact on us. If solar flares arise, or if too much heat is sent to us, then we don’t need to talk about other disasters on Earth. There is also a very strong energy sent to us from the universe.

Ms. Lu: Scientists say that at the end of next year, or in the following year, there might be a big solar eruption. Is this what you are referring to?

SM: Yes. There is also a kind of energy sent to us from the depth of the universe.

Ms. Lu:  Is it good or bad energy? Is it destructive or constructive?

SM: It is probably destructive. It is because we cannot withstand this kind of energy. Earthlings are too weak. Only if the entire planet changes to a vegan diet and everyone takes care of his/her inner moral standard, can we withstand this energy from universal eruptions.

Ms. Lu:  Humans have too much bad karma (retribution). Is that what you mean?

SM: Yes, yes. Also the Sun – if we don’t have moral power, no science or technology can protect us. That’s why I have been reminding everyone to return to his/her inner virtuous Buddha Nature or original benevolent quality. But it is not that easy. Ms. Vice President, you know it very well, and that’s why you advise people to eat less meat, if not cutting it off completely. I cannot tell people to eat less meat only.

Ms. Lu:  So in other words, Master, are you not very optimistic about the future of humankind? Is that right?

SM: We still have hope. It cannot be hopeless. That’s why I continue meditating more than 10 hours every day, almost all day, all night. Sometimes I have a one- or half-hour break because I need to take care of myself and my dogs, to clean the house, for example like that. Otherwise I meditate all the time, praying for Heaven’s protection and also reminding people from inside to return to their original Self, which is compassion, and which is Buddha Nature.

To remind all people of this aspect from inside, I have to communicate with them through meditation. Outer speech is only a little bit effective, not completely. The power of meditation is more effective, because inside we are the same. Our souls are the same; our Buddha Nature is the same. That’s why inner communication is more effective.

Also we are asking all spiritual practitioners and non-practitioners in the whole world to meditate every day during various common times, or at any time. We should meditate and pray. This is the message we are promoting on Supreme Master Television. On the one hand, we are reminding people with the spoken language, and on the other hand, we are communicating with them inwardly. I still keep my hopes up. We still have hope.

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