Love in Action



Extending a Helping Hand to Bring †Love and Hope to Disaster Victims

Combined reports by fellow initiates in China (Originally in Chinese)

Mudslide Relief in Yunnan Province

On August 18, 2010, a massive mudslide disaster occurred in several river valley areas in Gongshan, Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. As a result almost 100 people died or were missing. Due to the serious condition of the disaster, Master lovingly allocated a relief fund. A relief team formed by our Chinese Association members immediately contacted the regional government to participate in the aid work and from Kunming city they purchased urgently needed quilts, clothes and shoes along with 30 boxes of vegan instant noodles and 27 blankets.

When our relief team arrived at the affected area, dark rain clouds gave way to sunshine. The local officials promptly helped them distribute materials and cash. Deeply impressed by Master’s love, the recipients said that they never dreamt so many strangers living so far away would sincerely care about them. The officer in charge of the relief work was very touched and repeatedly expressed his gratitude.


Hainan Province Relief Work

Extremely heavy rainfall rarely seen in a century struck Hainan Province between October 1 and 13. Knowing that more than 2.7 million people were affected by the disaster, Master instructed our Hainan Association members to quickly go and render assistance to the devastated areas. They sent financial contribution with the fund provided by our compassionate Master and those from our fellow initiates and others to support the aid work.

From October 16 to 30, despite extreme conditions, our relief team delivered urgently needed quilts, instant noodles, rice, cooking oil and eating utensils to the stricken victims in Wenchang, Qiong Hai, Haikou and Wanning, while also distributing cash to several low-income families.


Charitable Activities for People and Animals in Need

From September 2010 to January 2011, our fellow initiates extended love and care to people and animals in need through various activities, such as sending items to keep them warm in winter, providing funds to the destitute and the students, and giving financial assistance to animal shelters, bringing them much comfort and filling their hearts with God’s love.



Expenditures by Supreme Master Ching Hai and Her International
for Disaster Relief and Charitable Activities in China







Yunnan Province

Provided aid to the people affected by mudslides and landslides.



Hainan Province

Provided aid to the people affected by heavy rain.



Kunming City,

Yunnan Province

1. Visited two animal shelters; offered food and rental payment for one year.

2. Contributed books to schools, orphanages, and government institutions. Offered money to students.



Malu Township in

Huizhe County,

Yunnan Province

1. Contributed medical supplies to clinics; offered working uniforms and cash to the doctors.

2. Visited senior citizens homes; distributed cash and sweets.

3. Offered financial support to destitute students.



Lincang City,

Yunnan Province

Provided aid to the destitute villages, needy senior citizens, and elementary schools in several counties.



Luquan County,

Yunnan Province

Contributed medical equipment to the Udongde Clinic.



Guizhou Province

Visited people severely affected by the cold weather to distribute relief materials and cash.



Qinghai Province

Visited the Tibetan citizens in Haxiu Township to distribute warm clothes. (Supported by fellow initiates.)








*Throughout the relief operation, fellow initiates paid for their own transportation, food and accommodation expenses.


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