Panorama of Events

Bringing Vegetarianism and the SOS Message
to an Army Hospital
By Korea News Group (Originally in Korean)

[Wonju] Convinced about the benefits of vegetarianism, the director of the Gangneung Army Hospital in South Korea helped Wonju Center initiates conduct a vegetarian-food sampling event for 200 soldiers on February 13, Golden Year 5 (2008). All the participants were amazed at the tastiness of the food. In fact, one female officer really loved the vegetarian ham she tried at the event and inquired about where to purchase some. After the meal, the initiates gave a lecture on vegetarianism and global warming to 140 audience members at the hospital’s auditorium, after which many people expressed a willingness to cut down on meat consumption to help pass on a healthy Earth to future generations.

Raising Public Awareness about Global Warming

[Busan] In February, fellow initiates from the Busan Center began carrying out global warming publicity activities in busy downtown areas such as subway junctions, cross-country bus terminals, the Busan railroad station and in university towns. Banners informing the urgency of global warming were installed in three spots around Busan’s busy rotary and drew many drivers’ attention. A large sign listing ways to counteract climate change, placed at the entrance of the subway station, also caused many passersby to stop and read its contents. SOS flyers have also been distributed at crowded places such as subway station entrances and marketplaces. Despite their busy schedules, many people have stopped to receive the flyer and would often converse with each other about the seriousness of climate change.

The Joy of Sharing God’s Words

On February 1, fellow initiates in Busan visited the Myeongryeun nursery school in Euiwang City of Kyungki-Do. As they were serving the vegetarian lunch, about 10 city councilors who were visiting the school dropped by the dining hall. Seeing the beautifully prepared vegetarian baked ham and chop suey, they asked the initiates where they were from. The fellow initiates took this wonderful opportunity to introduce Master and gave them the sample booklet and leaflets on Alternative Living and Supreme Master Television.



Public Report on Supreme Master TV

  The large announcement for Supreme Master TV with Master’s picture placed in Cheongju International Airport; the announcement will reach all passersby in the venue from February 22, 2008 to February 21, 2009.  

Recently, after interviewing fellow initiates from the Busan Center, South Korea’s Weekly People magazine published a two-page article introducing Supreme Master Ching Hai and Her positive TV channel. The article stated that Supreme Master Television has been receiving an enthusiastic response from worldwide viewers by providing inspirational and hopeful messages through uplifting programs 24 hours a day throughout the year.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Weekly People magazine for helping us to spread the message of Supreme Master Television. May Heaven bless you abundantly for contributing your part to raise the consciousness of our world.
Initiates from the Korea Center placed this month-long Supreme Master TV announcement in a Palestinian daily newspaper - Alhayat Daily Newspaper.