Master Tells Jokes
  Taking Good Care of
the Penguins
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, April 21, 2001, Florida, USA
(Originally in English) DVD #729

There was a guy who had a truck full of penguins, and he was heading to the zoo. But in the middle of the road, his truck broke down, so he was trying hard to fix it. Then someone in another truck passed by and asked if he could help him. And so the first guy said, “Oh, yes, yes! You came on time. Here’s $500. Please take this group of penguins to the zoo immediately.” And the other guy said, “Oh! No problem!” He took the $500 and said, “Five hundred dollars? Are you sure?” The first guy said, “Yes, sure, sure! Just take all the penguins right away.” And so he loaded all the penguins into his own truck, and he took off.

An hour later, the guy had fixed his car. He caught up with the second guy at the zoo, where he saw him walking out with all the penguins following him, behind. He said, “What are you doing?” And the second guy said, “Well, you gave me 500 dollars. It’s too much. I took them to the zoo, but there’s still some left, so I’m taking them to the movies now.”