Elevation of the Soul  

Supreme Master Ching Hai’s
latest CD


CD-CG20 (Spoken in Chinese)

Master’s Omnipotent Power
Will Arrange Everything for Us


Group meditation in Hualien, Formosa

January 13, 1989


Why do we acquire natural abilities by practicing the Quan Yin Method without having to practice magical powers? Master reminds us to be cautious in spiritual practice and make sure we keep a pure vegetarian diet, because we will have to shoulder the burden of heavy karma if we eat food containing animal ingredients. As we practice longer, why do we feel that we are more free, have fewer obstacles, and need little effort to succeed in our endeavors? What is the difference between astral projection and ascension to higher levels? Focusing on the Sound during Sound meditation diminishes it. What is the correct way to meditate on the Sound? Enjoy the wonderful stories that fellow initiates share about the incredible power of Master’s photos.

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