Elevation of the Soul

Supreme Master Ching Hai’s latest DVDs

(Spoken in English, with 16 choices of subtitles)

Contributing to This World

Videoconference with Los Angeles, U.S.A.; Boston, U.S.A.; and Singapore

July 21 & 28, 2002; August 11, 2002


(Spoken in English, with 15 choices of subtitles)

The Beginning of Humility

Videoconference with Seoul, Korea; San Francisco, U.S.A.; and Sydney, Australia

August 24, 25 & 31, 2002



(Spoken in English, with 15 choices of subtitles)

Love for All Beings

Videoconference with Indiana, U.S.A., and Vienna, Austria

September 1 & 7, 2002


In 2002, Master uses the ever-advancing Internet technology to hold a series of teleconferences with centers around the world, answering questions on spiritual practice and bringing enormous blessing to the world. She addresses a spectrum of topics ranging from the future of technology to ways of eliminating war and misunderstanding on Earth, and from insights in raising children to facing solitude in society. Master urges us to meditate diligently to purify ourselves and the surrounding atmosphere and environment, thereby contributing indirectly to the progress of our planet. Master also shares with us interesting moments spent with Her dogs and birds to let us know more about the inner world of animals and the lessons they have for us, so that we will treat animals with greater love.


(Spoken in Aulacese, with 16 choices of subtitles)

The Strength of Many Hearts

Christmas International Retreat, Florida, U.S.A.

December 25, 2001


(Spoken in English, with 15 choices of subtitles)

The Courage to Change

Christmas International Retreat, Florida, U.S.A.

December 28, 2001


During the 2001 Christmas season, Master and fellow initiates come together for a jubilant celebration at the Florida Center. Fellow initiates share many inspiring stories that testify of God’s infinite blessings and Master’s love and protection. The opening of a vegetarian restaurant, for example, brought flourishing business for all vegetarian restaurants located on the same street. Master also elaborates on correct concepts in spiritual practice to share the understanding that spiritual progress is not always judged by the level of the inner Light and Sound. Citing Her personal experience, Master tells us that true enlightenment will make us more loving; thus even though we know that all is illusion, we will still be moved and feel the suffering of all beings.


(Spoken in Chinese, with 14 choices of subtitles)

The Merits of Turning Back to Goodness

International 5-Day Retreat, Hsihu, Formosa

February 20 & 24, 2007



(Spoken in English, with 15 choices of subtitles)

Live and Let Live

International 5-Day Retreat, Hsihu, Formosa

February 22, 2007


In these two discourses, Master calls on everyone to preserve Earth and pray for world peace. Citing a recent UN report stating that the livestock industry is the major cause of global warming, She suggests many concrete and effective environmental protection measures, which She hopes fellow initiates will adopt and share with other people. Through stories, Master encourages us to respect life and protect animals. Master says that all human beings are very noble, pure and heroic in their essence. She hopes that humans will awaken within themselves these superior qualities that make us the crown of the Creation; then we will all be in Heaven. When there is no more killing, this planet will indeed be Heaven.


(Spoken in Chinese, with 19 choices of subtitles)

Love Will Move Mountains, Blessings Will Level Oceans

Special Gathering in Thailand for Meditating for World Peace

November 28, 2006


Master praises the Islamic countries for their beautiful traditions and laws that protect their people. As the guidelines set out in the Koran are similar to the lifestyle of fellow practitioners of the Quan Yin Method, we are true Muslims! According to ancient wisdom, any country that has even ten great human beings will not know destruction. Master encourages us toward a positive attitude in finding out the merits of our governments and supporting them. Only then will our governmental structures have the stable foundations to persist in their efforts of creating a better future.


(Spoken in English, with 16 choices of subtitles)

High Noble-Quality Countries

Paris 3-Day Retreat, France

PAugust 22 & 24, 2007


Master reveals the top five noble-quality countries in the world, and explains that nobleness is an innate quality that manifests itself naturally. People born with noble quality have deep faith in God and remind each other of Hiers existence. Master offers the encouraging reminder that noble quality can be developed and the Quan Yin Method provides the superb shortcut! If we want to help our country, we should begin by developing our noble quality until it becomes second nature. Only then can we have true abundance.


(Spoken in Chinese and English, with 15 choices of subtitles)

A Passionate Evening

New Year Celebration, Bangkok, Thailand

January 1, 1994


On this passionate evening in Thailand, fellow initiates from different countries present remarkable performances to celebrate the New Year with Master. Master says that our love power has attracted the attendance of some alien beings and that we ought to protect our loving atmosphere. Though we are less advanced and civilized than other planets, at least we have the most beautiful and wonderful thing in the universe, which is love. Many scientists have proved that all things do not have the material form we think they do. If we can contact and isolate the real “emptiness,” the real substance, then we can put it to the best use to create everything. Then, we can have cars, airplanes, and everything free of charge, without any need for fuel and without having to make such widespread use of the world resources.