Shining World Leadership Award

Tony Guoga:

An Accomplished Poker Player
with a Big Heart


By Melbourne News Group, Australia (Originally in English)

On January 13, Golden Year 5 (2008), fellow initiates in Melbourne Center presented Master’s Shining World Leadership Award to Mr. Tony Guoga. Tony showed selfless generosity in contributing his total winnings of US$205,000 from a recent Moscow Millions poker tournament to 120 orphaned children in Moscow.

A talented poker player originally from Lithuania, the world-famous Tony G, now lives by the Melbourne seaside close to nature. At the award ceremony, Tony expressed an avid interest in Supreme Master Ching Hai, and Supreme Master Television, and again showed his humanitarianism by wishing to meet the children whose lives he helped improve.

Tony was moved and honored to receive the Shining World Leadership Award and overwhelmed by a large assortment of other gifts including Master’s publications.

The fellow initiates felt highly honored to present the Award on behalf of Master, to this world-renowned role model dedicated to noble deeds.

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