Letters between Master and Disciples

Happy Bijaya Dashami and Deepawali

By brother-initiate Dilip Gautam, Kathmandu, Nepal
(Originally in Nepalese)

October 11, Golden Year 2

Dearest Beloved Master, Bijaya Dashami, the tenth day of the Nepalese festival Dashain¹ marking the victory of Truth over evil, has arrived and we wish You all joy, peace, prosperity and bliss in the Lord. May You bestow love and eternal happiness on us and our longing souls during this beautiful time.

My Dear Holy Mother,
I know no chants or tools by which to pray to Thee;
I know no prayers to sing to Thee!
I know not the way to summon Thee;
I know no meditations.

Neither do I know the holy scriptures or the stories therein;
I know not the various positions, nor to cry with extreme sorrow,
But my Holy Mother, I know of only one thing—
I know how to fall at Thy Holy feet, to follow only Thee,
The panacea for all sorrows.

The path to the Truth and enlightenment is not all bliss; thorns of sorrow, discomfort and utter dismay often lie scattered about to hinder us from our goal of reaching the Heavenly Kingdom of God. May You fill our hearts with everlasting courage, enthusiasm, humility and perseverance so that we can surpass all these so-called obstacles. As Master says, neither happiness nor the sorrows of this world may move our souls in all the days to come in our spiritual life.

Deepawali², the Hindu Festival of Lights, is celebrated in Nepal after Dashain. At this time all the houses, doors and windows are lit with colorful candles and Diyos—small oil fed lamps. May Master bless our lives with all the colorful lights of the Heavenly abode.
Let us thank our inner Master and pray together:

Victory to the Lord,
Victory to Master,
Victory to Her disciples!

We wish You a very Happy Bijaya Dashami and Deepawali.

Missing Master in this Joyous Moment, Dilip Gautam Kathmandu, Nepal

Note 1: Dashain is Nepal’s largest annual festival and is celebrated for fifteen days. Each year Dashain occurs during the bright lunar fortnight (two-week period) culminating on the day of the full moon in late September or early October. The festival celebrates the triumph of Truth and Virtue over evil and reminds us of the importance of loving each other and of having absolute faith in the Holy Mother in order to attain liberation and enlightenment.

Note 2: Deepawali, the second largest Nepalese festival, is celebrated for five days after Dashain and is an occasion for people to rejoice in their family ties and strengthen the love between brothers and sisters. On the third day of Deepawali, beautiful candles and colorful lights are placed in houses, doors and windows and fireworks illuminate the evening skies. The colorful lights of the fireworks remind us that this ephemeral world is only a poor replica of our true Home which we so long for.