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the Limits of Life and Death

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai,
San Francisco, USA, May 25, 1989 (Originally in English)

One of the Catholic Saints said, “I die daily.” What does it mean that I am dying daily? We are living, and he said he is dying. He said he dies a hundred times daily. That means dying while living. You die but you don't die. You just transcend the limits of death, and then you live forever. Once the fear of death is transcended, is understood by our own very weak and scared soul, then we are forever eternal. We are normal, and we are immortal. That's what he meant.

Yesterday, a fellow practitioner said when he meditated just a few minutes, he immediately saw the Light and the tunnel. You know, the dark tunnel and inside there is light. And he flowed through it, like sailing on a boat. That's what he said. Now what is that? You have seen on TV and you have read books about the experiences of near-death persons. They see this great tunnel, and then they have to float through it, and then they see the great beam of Light, and then someone explains to them that they are dead. But their time has not come, and then they have to come back to the Earth again. So, some of these persons come home. One said she cried on and on for two weeks because she had to leave that wonderful world and come back to this terrible one. That is the limit between life and death.

Some persons experience that while they're near-death because if they have been virtuous, when they die, they can immediately go to the region of Light. But this region of Light is not the highest one. There are others higher. This is only a kind of frontier between our world and the other worlds. It is just the beginning of the other worlds. The other worlds are higher, higher and higher, with limitless spheres of Light. And the higher you go, the more speechless you become. There is nothing to say anymore, and nothing to talk about.

I talk about this because yesterday this man, and other men, experienced it. They transcended the limits of life and death. They died and they came back again. They had the same experience as those recorded by the doctor, whose many hundreds of patients experienced near-death, or dying and coming back again to life. So this is what we call born again, or transcending life and death, or being free from life and death.

Once you know how to die while living, you will no longer fear death, and you'll know how to do it anytime. And when your Earth time is over, you will know it even in advance. Your Master will come and tell you, “Hi, three more days, and your time is up.” Or, “In a week's time we will go to another place, so please prepare. If you owe people money, give it back quickly, or if your children need something like life insurance, you have to take care of such things.”

A Master will take care of you in every minor detail after the initiation. That is His or Her job. He does a lot of work, even paperwork or bureaucratic work. Because we live in this world with many complications, the Master cannot avoid taking care of even these things, even though His job is not that. But without that, the devotee cannot be free. So we often hear of transcending life and death or being free of life and death, and we don't know what it means. Initiation means exactly just that: to transcend. Then you know what life means and what death means, and you have no more fear.