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CTI TV "A Journey through Aesthetic Realms" No. 159

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International News Report:
USA: Hurricane Katrina Relief

Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lecture:
"Manifesting God's Love on Earth," Los Angeles, USA, December 18, 1998, (in English).

"Leading The World Into A New Era," Hsihu, Formosa, April 10, 1992, (in English).

Every time there is a natural disaster, people look within and introspect to find peace and meaning. And this introspection leads us to greater wisdom and love. Please listen to excerpts of the Supreme Master Ching Hai's lectures, entitled: "Manifesting God's Love on Earth" and "Leading The World Into A New Era."

CTI TV "A Journey through Aesthetic Realms" No. 161


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Special Report:
Hurricane Katrina Relief, USA

Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lecture:
"Have Faith in God," Los Angeles, USA, October 31, 1993, (in English).

"Sometimes disaster is also good for us, good for humanity. Like they learn to work together, protect each other, love each other, and share their hard times together. And people's heart become more softened, and hatred probably dissolved between sometimes, misunderstood neighbors. And some people in disaster will begin to reflect the ephemeral nature of life, and they will begin to understand that material security is not everything reliable that we need."

~ Supreme Master Ching Hai


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