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By Scott Kalechstein (Originally in English)

Scott Kalechstein is an American singer and prolific song writer, inspirational speaker and comedian. His music blends diverse genres such as jazz, folk, pop and various spiritual traditions to create an atmosphere of healing and joy. But what is most remarkable about him is his ability to spontaneously write a song portrait about a person, without any preparation or rehearsal. When Scott saw a picture of Master, he was told that She was Compassion incarnate. Through the love emanating from the fellow initiates who were there at the time, he was able to connect with and write this beautiful song about Master.

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Ever since You were a little girl,
Your heart went out to this world,
And You longed to make a difference,
To wipe away all of the tears,
And You dedicated Your existence
To being the Love,
You are Supreme Master Ching Hai.
With You, we know we are going to get by,
All the darkness on this Earth,
When we look into Your eyes,
We see the hope, Ching Hai.
Thank You for being Compassion in form,
Thank You for being the eye in all these storms,
The eye of all of these hurricanes,
The center of all the pain,
You wash it away, again and again.
To the world You are such a friend,
There is a healing,
And You mend so many broken hearts, broken dreams,
You paint a bright new scene, Ching Hai.
You teach us to fly,
And we dont need to know why,
But there is so much Light that You bring,
You help us discover our wings,
You help our hearts to sing,
Remembering who we are.
By looking into Your heart,
And feeling compassion for all,
It is hard to hold onto our walls,
When You are here,
Reminding us there is nothing to fear.


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