It was a fine autumn day with a clear blue sky on Ching Hai Day. Fellow practitioners from over thirty nations had happily arrived at the front doors of their Hsihu home. Prominent politicians and VIP's from many nations also continued to arrive for the great occasion, while some sent congratulatory messages by fax. The President and Mrs. Clinton of the U.S.A. personally sent Master their congratulations and greetings. Besides sending their congratulatory messages, the Governors of the six Mid-western states of the U.S.A. honored Master with a plaque, to commemorate Her. The U.S. Senate Leader Mr. Bob Dole and the Chairman of the Diplomatic Committee Mr. Jesse Helms also jointly honored Master with a plaque as congratulations. Mr. Fasi, former Mayor of Honolulu, and Mr. Jeremy Harris, the Mayor of Honolulu, jointly invited Master to Hawaii in 1996 to celebrate the Fourth Anniversary of Ching Hai Day. Legislators in Formosa, Mr. Cheng-Chieh Lin, Ms. Feng-Chih Chu, Mr. Pi-Hsien Li, as well as representatives from other fields, also either came in person or sent congratulatory messages.

Among the important guests who came from faraway parts of the world were Mr. Xiang-Xing Mo, Chairman of the Republican Party in the Western States of America; Mr. Zhen-Xi Chang, Chairman of the Board of the Paraguay Cultural Center; Ms. Xian-Nu Xu Jin, professor at the Royal Dance Academy in Spain; Mr. Chi-Kun Liao, the Chief Editor for the China Times in the U.S.A.; Mr. Hong-Kwang Chen, the Secretary General of The World Cultural Communication Association, USA; Mr. Da-Min Chen Zhong, news columnist for The Washington Post, USA; Mr. Priyo Suwarno, journalist for the Surabaya Newspaper of Indonesia. The media in Formosa, such as Radio China, Radio Tien Sheng, Taipei Radio Station, The Zong Hwa Daily News, The Commercial Times, The Liberty Times, The Economic Daily News and The People's Daily, also sent their congratulations or representatives to attend the occasion.

This unprecedented carnival united various races and cultures, and surpassed time and space. The thousands who attended all dressed up in traditional classical costumes of different nations or resplendent Western royal attire. Suddenly, kings, ministers and knights of past and present and from all over the world; officials and soldiers from heaven; and ladies and gentlemen, all happily gathered in one place.

There was a steady stream of heroes and beauties chatting on the tree-shaded stone paths throughout the beautifully natural Hsihu Center. One kept hearing the wide-eyed guests asking candidly, "What nationality is he? Where does she come from?" The cultures of East and West interacted and blended together, bringing to fruit the ideal of the world being one family. The peaceful scene at the Ching Hai Buddha Kingdom symbolizes that a peaceful, golden era, that is free of wars, has already arrived.

Eagerly awaited by everyone, Master, in a pure white Au Lac formal gown, gracefully appeared and went around the venue, escorted by the guards who dressed up as British royal guards. In Master's elegance there was a boundless unifying power, which touched all who were present. With thunderous applause that could surely be heard in heaven, the crowd expressed their infinite gratitude and affection, like that which children would have for their mother.

Montagnards' Light by Californian initiates was also a brilliant attraction at the World Dance Festival.
The Hong Kong initiates perform the "Journey to the west", in which Tang Xan Zhang and his disciples plead for the Tao from Master.
The "Frontier Dance" by Formosan initiates beautifully combines strength with grace.

Special guests representing the First and Second Prime Ministers of Cambodia presented Master the National Construction Award, and offered their deepest gratitude to Her, for Her love and concern for the people of Cambodia.

Immediately after the brief but solemn ceremony, the wonderful entertainment program began. The heartwarming sound of drums of a Korean Drum Dance was the curtain-raiser. The Thai dance and the English contralto singer were of professional standard. The Candle Dance by Au Lac fellow initiates from the U.S.A., who shone brilliantly at the World Dance Festival in Los Angeles, was surely out of this world. They won thunderous applause and were cheered and encored. A Chinese comic dialogue by initiates from Formosa humorously described Master's unique skills and talents. The disciples of "Master Tang" performed by initiates from Hong Kong, made the audience bend over with laughter, with the "perfect" Mandarin they spoke.




The Ching Hai Day
Special Report























The Ching Hai Day Special Report

Oct. 25 --The Day of The Supreme Master Ching Hai

~Prelude -- The Great Spiritual Leader Spreading Love around the World

~World Peace Award --Cheer of Whole Universe


Feb. 22 --The Day of The Supreme Master Ching Hai

~Prelude -- Selfless devotion in Saving all Sentient Beings

~The World Spiritual Leadership Award
--Glory from Earth to Heaven



~Love in Hawaii

~Celebration of The Third Anniversary Of The Ching Hai Day--The Heavenly Carnival